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Op-Ed: Florida, South Dakota, Utah Bans Chemical/Surgical Sex Changes Sign Liberty Council’s Petition to End Child Mutilation

Surgical Sex Change
Other states enacting legislation to protect children from surgical sex change procedures include: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas.  File photo: Travelpixs, Shutter Stock, licensed.

“The tide is beginning to turn against the trans-pushers and groomers attempting to lead America’s children down a road of chemical and surgical sterilization. Liberty Counsel is fighting this perversion on all fronts.” –Liberty Council, Florida

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  In addition to Florida, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recently signed a bill on banning all chemical and surgical sex changes for children. Two weeks ago, Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed a bill protecting children from the trans agenda and banned puberty blockers and mutilations for children.

Kudos to Florida, South Dakota, and Utah.

Other states enacting legislation to protect children from these procedures include: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas

Florida Protects Kids

“After a hearing littered with foul language and protests from the LGBTQ+ lobby, the Florida Medical Board voted unanimously to BAN all chemical and surgical “transgender treatments” for children under the age of 18,” according to an article on Liberty Council website.

Excerpts from Liberty Council:

Southern Legal Counsel’s Transgender Rights Initiative, Gainsville, Florida, sent its director, Simone Chriss, to oppose the Florida Medical Board changes. Chriss is known for her work in instructing public school teachers not to call children by their given names or biological sexes, but instead to “affirm” the children’s mental illness known as body dysphoria. Parents are often completely unaware of the schools’ actions in such cases.

In her speech before the Florida Medical Board, Chriss claimed that “the overwhelming weight of evidence and science” shows that “access to treatment for gender dysphoria is safe, effective and medically necessary.”

“That’s not true,” retorted Florida Medical Board member Dr. Hector Vila, shooting down Chriss’ unscientific propaganda. “The literature is not clear. There is not adequate evidence to support the use of therapies, the limited therapies, that we have said should not be used because of the irreversible harm.”

Dr. Vila is correct. There is much scientific, peer-reviewed evidence proving that so-called “gender transition,” whether by pharmaceutical chemicals or the surgical knife, are dangerous to both a child’s mental and physical health.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) itself recently released a warning that puberty blockers cause brain swelling and vision loss.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, Florida is once again leading the way to protect our precious children from these harmful social experiments pushed by LGBT activists and padding the pockets of medical professionals. This is child abuse and more states need to stand up and protect these children.” 

South Dakota Protects Kids

Gov. Noem signed HB 1080, also called the “Help Not Harm” bill, after the state legislature overwhelmingly passed it 30-4. 

“South Dakota’s kids are our future. With this legislation, we are protecting kids from harmful, permanent medical procedures. I will always stand up for the next generation of South Dakotans,” said Noem. 

According to the new law, “a healthcare professional may not, for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of, or to validate a minor’s perception of, the minor’s sex, if that appearance or perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex.”

Medical professionals may not: (1) “Prescribe or administer any drug to delay or stop normal puberty;  (2) Prescribe or administer testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone, in amounts greater than would normally be produced endogenously in a healthy individual of the same age and sex; (3) Perform any sterilizing surgery, including castration, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, orchiectomy, penectomy, and vasectomy; (4) Perform any surgery that artificially constructs tissue having the appearance of genitalia differing from the minor’s sex, including metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, and vaginoplasty; or (5) Remove any healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue.” 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “We commend Gov. Kristi Noem and the South Dakota legislators for protecting children in their state from this medical mutilation. The assault on our children to push them into these harmful procedures without fully comprehending the consequences is appalling. More states must protect minors from irreversible and unnecessary medications and mutilating surgeries.” 

Utah Protects Kids

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox recently signed a bill banning gender-affirming surgery on minors who have not been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. 

Utah’s bill comes as lawmakers in at least 18 states consider similar bills focusing on health care for young transgender people.

Gratitude to Florida, South Dakota, Utah, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas. 

Sign petitions on the Liberty Council website.

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