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Op-Ed: Our Tax Dollars Wasted on “Ecogrief Training’ by Interior Dept. When There’s No Climate Crisis

Climate Hoax
. As a recently retired therapist, I’ve never had a client request or assessed as needing ecogrief counseling due to fear over cow gas depleting the ozone layer. However, I did treat many clients due to a fear of death from heart attack. File photo: Lightspring, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Please pass the box of tissues. Signing up for an ecogrief support group may be just what the gardener ordered. But I can’t – that’s a special treat for federal employees via the government wasting more of our tax dollars.

“The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service is offering “ecogrief” training to employees who are struggling with a sense of trauma or loss as they witness a changing environment,” reported Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times.

Please don’t tag me as a fish out of water, (sorry for the goofy pun) but … there is no climate crisis, whereas the carbon emissions are going to explode the planet and annihilate humanity.

“This 4-hour workshop seeks to normalize the wide range of emotional responses that conservationists experience while empowering participants to act while taking care of themselves,” the notice noted. “The workshop is intended for those experiencing ecological grief and for those who wish to support them.”

Well, you can bring your spouse, kids, granny, and the family dog to the training. What creature is more supportive than the unconditional love of a floppy-eared canine.

The workshop is being offered twice to employees in the Southwest, which covers Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Up to 35 people can attend a workshop.

Hmmm. The forest rangers would much rather have a raise or more sick days, I’m sure.

“The American Psychological Association [APA] says it can manifest as a sense of being overwhelmed by the immensity of changes to the environment, or even a sense of ‘anticipated loss’ — essentially mourning what someone believes to be inevitable, particularly with climate change,” Dinan explained, and noted that says “Eco-anxiety isn’t a recognized medical condition. But general anxiety is, and eco-anxiety has many of the same characteristics.”

This is me cringing. As a recently retired therapist, I’ve never had a client request or assessed as needing ecogrief counseling due to fear over cow gas depleting the ozone layer. However, I did treat many clients due to a fear of death from heart attack.

Is the mental health profession tossing cognitive behavior therapy to the wind and turning into a bunch of feelings-based snowflakes? A balanced view combines the mind with emotions to process problems.

Apparently, the APA didn’t get the memo explaining the climate crisis is a hoax. Oh, no – now a bucketload of psychologists will need ecogrief therapy to deal with the pain of being dupped by Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Greta Thunberg, and the other members of the climate clan hoaxers at the World Economic Forum.

To be fair, Thunberg really-really-really believes the sky is falling. Oh, she must be experiencing ecological grief. Invite her to the training.

In a 2021 article, the APA lamented, “The planet is undergoing rapid changes that are unprecedented in human history. And as psychologists are increasingly aware, these changes can bring about great stress and mental anguish to all of us living through these challenging times.”

No, I’m sure they didn’t get the memo.

“Climate change issues have a significant mental health impact,” says Nancy Piotrowski, PhD, council representative for APA’s Div. 34 (Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology)…“Unfortunately, the climate crisis shows no sign of abating.”

Okay, Piotrowski swallowed the wrong pill in the Matrix world.

On the World Economic Forum website in reference to COVID-19 lockdowns, Dr. Elke Van Hoof, Professor of health psychology writes, “With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever…”

And that’s exactly what the megalomaniacs are doing with the climate crisis hoax.

Of course, many individuals suffer with trauma from earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes. But I’ll say it again: a climate calamity of impending doom and gloom that wipes out the human race is nothing more than propaganda from elitist fearmongers (aka Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, King Charles, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and deceptive meteorologists and climate scientists on the payroll)

Oh, conspiracy theory!

I’m wondering what our sensible elected officials think about ecogrief training.

When I first heard of the ‘ecogrief’ class sponsored by FWS, I thought this was a joke,” said Rep. Pete Stauber, Minnesota Republican and member of the House Natural Resources Committee. “This is taxpayer waste, plain and simple, and our House Republican majority will be holding this administration accountable.”

Rep. Paul Gosar, a Republican from Arizona, called the course “nonsensical and a complete and total waste of resources.” He blasted the “climate warming hoax” as the reason for anxiety.

Repeat a lie often enough with a steady stream of mainstream media mayhem and a segment of the population will believe the tall tale. Wanna-be dictators Joe Biden and Barack Obama are experts.

The phony-baloney climate crisis rhetoric has seeped into the groundwater and invaded brains with the woke mind virus – with the only cure being the truth.

Dinan interviewed a Fish and Wildlife employee who pointed to a massive backlog of projects at the agency and said, “There are better ways to spend money than on ecogrief training.”

The FWS is in absolute crisis when it comes to funding and staffing,” the employee added. “Most refuges I know have lost 50 to 60% of their staff over the last 12 years. And yet consider how much time, money, energy and staff time is being spent on spreading the woke message.

Dinan noted the training session is being led by Michelle Doerr, a wildlife biologist who teaches Nature in Counseling at the Adler Graduate School; Tom Kalous, a psychologist who specialized in workshops on emotional intelligence; and Jimmy Fox, a Fish and Wildlife employee.

Someone needs to tell the trainers there is no catastrophic climate crisis.

And by the way, go watch a YouTube video clip that exposes the sea level hoax. Sea Level Check – Bill Gates’ mansion, San Diego, CA.

Not only did Gates not sell or relocate from his beach house, he remodeled it to the tune of 43 million dollars. He knows it’s the climate crisis scam of the century.

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