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Op-Ed: Woke New York Times Writers Attempt Trans Takeover With Open Letter to Management

Woke New York Times Writers
Around 200 New York Times contributors have signed an open letter calling out the legacy newspaper for its lack of coverage of transgender issues. The letter is addressed to Philip B. Corbett, associate managing editor for standards. File photo: Erika Cross, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Foremost, the New York Times, a radical left-leaning liberal legacy newspaper, licks the boots of Democrats on Capitol Hill, and has done so for decades. Wokeness runs through their veins and spills out over their biased articles. Wokeness is served morning, noon, and night.

So pardon me for being suspicious. Is the open letter a hoax to confuse sensible citizens?

Around 200 New York Times contributors have signed an open letter calling out the legacy newspaper for its lack of coverage of transgender issues. The letter is addressed to Philip B. Corbett, associate managing editor for standards.

Ahem. The letter is nothing more than a giant whinnerfest from a bunch of bullies not getting their way. Boo-hoo. Someone hand the snowflakes a box of tissues.

The mockingbird media mob (MMM) is calling out Corbett over “serious concerns about editorial bias in the newspaper’s reporting on transgender, non⁠-⁠binary, and gender nonconforming people.”

Apparently, the tail wants to wag the dog.

“As thinkers, we are disappointed to see the New York Times follow the lead of far-right hate groups in presenting gender diversity as a new controversy warranting new, punitive legislation. Puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and gender⁠-⁠affirming surgeries have been standard forms of care for cis and trans people alike for decades.” 

Thinkers. Uh-huh.

Let’s break it down:

  • Their argument is not supported by science or the results of valid and reliable studies.
  • The MMM’s are blaming Republicans for exposing the falsehoods of educators, medical and mental health professionals. The blame squad is in full force.

Here’s the real reasons the cancel culture cultists are hopping mad:

  • 2023 is the year of legislation to ban harmful medications and mutilations for minors.
  • 2023 is the year for biological bathrooms – no males in female restrooms or locker rooms.
  • 2023 is the year to ban males from female sports.
  • 2023 is the year of banning drag queens from indoctrination, grooming, and sexualizing children.

Yes, the MMM traveled back into the newspaper’s history, pulled out bygone sins, and compared the past discrimination against homosexuals with the present treatment of trans or rather their perception.

The letter takes issue with Emily Bazelon’s “The Battle Over Gender Therapy” (June 24) and Katie Baker’s “When Students Change Gender Identity And Parents Don’t Know” (Jan. 22). The Bazelon article referred to a trans-child as “patient zero,” which the letter claims paints transgenderism as a disease. The letter also claims that the Baker article failed to acknowledge that court cases brought by parents over child transitions are part of a broader legal strategy by so-called hate groups.

But let’s consider that people’s eyes are opening and they are no longer kowtowing to the warring trans activists. The tide is turning as rational and reasonable individuals come out of the cancel culture comma. And the rabid radical members of the LGBTQ community are rocking, rolling, and raging. Mania meltdowns are spreading from coast to coast.

Let’s break it down:

  1. The MMM is outraged because parents are speaking out against the mutilation squads that have cut off the healthy breasts of their daughters and the healthy genitals of their sons.
  • So, the workplace is hostile because other reporters write the truth about transgenderism. And the MMM cannot stand truth because they wallow in feelings and fairy tales.
  • The last line appears to be a threat. Are they going to quit, boycott, or stage a rage?

Corbett needs to call Elon Musk and ask how to delicately fire a bucket load of crazies. Maybe they’ll take their hummus dip and run away to California. I’m sure Gov. Gavin Newsom McNuttypants would welcome them into his cathartic commune.

The letter also takes issue with a recent decision by the Times not to renew a contract for one of its opinion writers, Jennifer Finney Boylan, who is trans.

What? Perhaps the employee was chronically late, lazy, or snoozed every afternoon. Is the MMM accusing management of discrimination against a trans?

“They want The Times to meet with transgender community leaders and hire at least four more reporters and editors who are trans,” said Woke NPR.

So, the MMM wants to stack the desk with biased trans journalists that tout a nonscience-based gender ideology. They want journalists to ignore biology – by golly.

The ranting letter concludes: “There is no rapt reporting on the thousands of parents who simply love and support their children, or on the hardworking professionals at the New York Times enduring a workplace made hostile by bias—a period of forbearance that ends today.”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib sponsored a petition asking the Times to “stop providing a dangerous platform for transphobic hate, and instead amplify trans voices.”

Tlaib is demanding censorship as well. Oh, the drama.

GLADD Letter

Representatives from the advocacy organization GLAAD hand-delivered hard copies of their letter to the newspaper.

Oh, the issue is sooooo serious – the militant soldiers of the trans cult movement had to march the letters to the designated targets. Someone please play the drum cadence.

GLADD also put their objections (aka outlandish complaints) on a billboard truck that drove around the NYT building.

Hmmm. Did the truck go ding-ding-ding and sell ice cream as well?

Around 130 LGBTQ advocates and organizations released a coordinated but separate statement on Wednesday lambasting the Times.

“Today GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization, is joined by hundreds of journalists, organizations, community leaders, and notable influencers in calling on the New York Times to improve their coverage of transgender people and issues.”

My interpretation: We are throwing a trans temper tantrum because mentally healthy people are standing up to protect minors from a fanatical fallacy.


“But for more than a year, the New York Times has stood for something else: irresponsible, biased coverage of transgender people. The Times has repeatedly platformed cisgender (non-transgender) people spreading inaccurate and harmful misinformation about transgender people and issues. This is damaging to the paper’s credibility. And it is damaging to all LGBTQ people, especially our youth, who say debates about trans equality negatively impact their mental health, which is a contributing factor to the high suicide rates for LGBTQ youth.”

Let’s break it down:

  • The activists zeroed in on the youth to garner empathic and angry responses. The emotions card was played.
  • They used the big stick of suicide to hit management over the head. However, legitimate research studies have ousted the suicide guise used by extremist activists to force parents into medications and mutilations for minors – busted.
  • And “it is damaging to all LGBTQ people.” So, every single LGBTQ individual in America is being damaged. Hmmm. Let’s ask Gays Against Groomers.
  • The grumblers accused the Times of  printing ‘misinformation’ about gender-benders. In other words, any facts they disagree with or any coverage that doesn’t line up with their gender ideology manifesto must be misinformation.

The New York Times has long had a reputation as a leader in the world of media, but the example they are setting for coverage of transgender people is downright shameful,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD. 

Ellis appears to be experiencing a mammoth meltdown. She needs a cookie, essential oils, and a nap.

The letter was also signed by celebrities including comedian Hannah Gadsby and actor Jameela Jamil, noted NPR.

So, Hollyweird wackos are supporting a genderism coup at the Times. Did the looney ladies from The View sign the MMM’s manifesto as well?

My question: Why would a group of people with a perceived important issue call upon celebrity urchins in the Magical Forest to give credence to their blubbering? Duh.

Excerpt from the radical LGBTQ community:

Repeatedly, the Times has shown a willful disregard of LGBTQ community voices and the concerns so many have shared about their inaccurate, exclusionary, often ridiculous pieces. We see media outlets like TIME, Vox, USA Today, and even Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and smaller local outlets, doing a much better job covering the trans community than the New York Times. We are not having this conversation with other mainstream media outlets about problematic coverage – only the Times.

Oh, they are so very happy with the other Lefty liberal media outlets, but not the big-bad Times.

The manifesto from the mocking bird media (MMM) proves we are living in bizarro land: A horde of journalists working at a newspaper are demanding censorship and denying freedom of speech to opponents. If management doesn’t acquiesce to their demands, then…

Oh, yes. The inmates want to run the prison – and the world.

Stay tuned to the slugfest to see if management at the New York Times caves or pushes back.

Update: The New York Times Answered

It appears the New York Time’s journalists that sucker-punched their boss in the public arena will be crying in their veggie vegan juice for quite a while. And the militant trans activists at GLAAD are both mad and sad. Existing in a narcissistic bubble of me-me-me, the celebrities that signed the demanding letter will move on to their next party.

All that whining for nothing. The dog is wagging the tail.

The Post Millennial reported on the Time’s response to getting gut-pouched by a motley crew of its own journalists; a mob of radical LBGTQ organizations; a bunch of woke and wacky celebrities; and miscellaneous others.

The Times’ Response:

“We received the open letter delivered by GLAAD and welcome their feedback. We understand how GLAAD and the co-signers of the letter see our coverage,” Times’ director of external communications Charlie Stadtlander said. “But at the same time, we recognize that GLAAD’s advocacy mission and The Times’s journalistic mission are different. As a news organization, we pursue independent reporting on transgender issues that include profiling groundbreakers in the movement, challenges and prejudice faced by the community, and how society is grappling with debates about care.”

“As a news organization,” Stadtlander continued, “we pursue independent reporting on transgender issues that include profiling groundbreakers in the movement, challenges and prejudice faced by the community, and how society is grappling with debates about care.

“The very news stories criticized in their letter reported deeply and empathetically on issues of care and well-being for trans teens and adults. Our journalism strives to explore, interrogate and reflect experiences, ideas and debates in society—to help readers understand them. Our reporting did exactly that and we’re proud of it.”

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