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Op-Ed: Montana Bill Would Protect Children from Drag Queen Events at Public Schools & Libraries

House Bill 359 says if a public library or school allows a drag performance during or after regular hours, they could pay fines up to $5,000. And “taxpayer funded facilities should not be sponsoring events such as this,” said Mitchell. File photo: Kommunicate, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Drag queens don’t belong in public schools and libraries. Children don’t belong in bars, strip clubs, or venues with adult entertainment. Children and drag queens shouldn’t be mixed together. And the sensible legislators in Montana have hopped aboard the sanity train.

House Bill 359, sponsored by Republican Rep. Braxton Mitchell, Columbia Falls, along with 70 co-sponsors, would prohibit drag performances that “appeal to a prurient interest” at public schools and libraries. Moreover, it would designate businesses that host those performances and serve alcohol as “sexually-oriented businesses” that could not admit minors. The Bill would also define drag performance as “a performer who exhibits a gender identity different from their gender assigned at birth” who lip syncs or dances.

All but one of the Republicans on the committee are co-sponsors of the bill. Hmmm. Who is the one holdout?

Kudos to Rep. Mitchell and the 70 co-sponsors. Hats off to the state of Montana.

House Bill 359 says if a public library or school allows a drag performance during or after regular hours, they could pay fines up to $5,000. And “taxpayer funded facilities should not be sponsoring events such as this,” said Mitchell.

Hit ‘em in the wallet.

“Drag is not essential in schools, and access to venues with it are non-essential to minors,” Mitchell said. “These are in some cases individuals who are strippers – and trans strippers should not be around minors.”

No doubt, Mitchell has viewed the videos posted by Libs of TikTok with males (aka drag queens) twerking in thongs and pasties in front of children; simulating sexual acts; and making crude and lewd comments.

“I want to go against everything on this site:,” Michell wrote.

I agree. Adult drag queens entertaining adults in adult places – none of my business. But children must be protected from child predators that disguise themselves as drag queens to groom and sexualize. How many schools and libraries run background checks on drag queens?

And of course, men dressed in costumes and lipstick showed up to give their testimonies about the innocent nature of their performances. They left their thongs and pasties at home. The drag queen community continues to ignore the multiple video clips of sexuality explicit performances with children in the audience. Like creepy Joe Biden, they know how to play the game. Deny, deny, deny. Lie, lie, lie. Pretend to be victims of the right-wingers.

Anatheia Smith, “a cisgendered woman” who performs in drag as Diana Bourgeois, stood before the House Judiciary Committee in bright pink wig, pendant costume earrings and bedazzled sneakers.

Clap for her acting performance.

“No one wants to get up at zero-dark-30, put on 50 pounds of makeup and get into child-appropriate clothes, perform G-rated, but we do it because our community asks us to,” Smith said.

Oh, Smith is such a martyr about his essential service to humanity.

Due to backlash, drag queens have changed their salacious outfits to ‘kid-friendly’ attire when they perform in schools and libraries. But it’s too late. “We the People” want drag queens to leave the children alone. Wearing clothing that covers up their body parts is a tactic to continue indoctrinating kids into their gender ideology agenda.

A wolf in high heels and a prom dress is still a wolf.

Cheryl Tusken, the former director of Parents’ Rights in Education, called HB 359 “common sense.” She stated, “It’s prohibiting minors from attending drag shows. This is not a bill prohibiting the rights of LGBTQ community or infringing on the rights of parents.”

Banning drag queens from performing for children is not about the rights of LGBTQ individuals at all. It’s just another tactic used to add fuel to the fire. Furthermore, the Gays Against Groomers coalition have exposed the trans cult movement.

Another bill supporter, Jeff Laszloffy, head of the Montana Family Foundation, said “little kids are not begging to be told stories by drag queens.”

Children have learned to read for centuries without drag queen reading books and acting like fools. Albeit, it’s another maneuver to proselytize the fairy tale of transgenderism.

Jessie Browning spoke in support of the bill on behalf of Moms for Liberty Yellowstone County.

“I’m a big advocate of parental rights. However, a line is drawn for me when harm comes to a child.” 

2023 will go down in history as the year of protecting children from gender-bending drag queens. These men need to go back to their adult playgrounds and leave the children alone.

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