Medley Police Charge Man With Video Voyeurism After Camera Found In Women’s Bathroom

Ronny Jose Barbera Quintero
According to authorities, the suspect, Ronny Jose Barbera Quintero, 39, was arrested on Monday, February 14, 2023, on four count of Video Voyeurism.

MEDLEY, FL – On Monday, February 14, 2023, Medley Police Officers responded to 11555 NW 124th Street in reference to a small surveillance camera that was found inside a women’s bathroom by an employee. The footage showed the suspect, Ronny Jose Barbera Quintero, an employee setting up the small camera underneath the sink and facing the toilet.

Video surveillance from the business showed Barbera Quintero entering the bathroom in question. Upon learning the camera had been found, Barbera Quintero fled unexpectedly.

A BOLO was placed for Barbera Quinteros’s vehicle. The responding officer located Barbera’s Quintero vehicle as it was traveling on US 27 toward the Turnpike (southbound) entrance ramp. Officers stopped Barbera’s Quintero vehicle, placed him into custody without incident, and conducted an interview.

Barbera Quintero admitted to entering the women’s bathroom and placing the camera facing toward the toilet the day before, Monday, February 13. According to authorities, Barbera Quintero said he placed the camera in order to capture a couple who was rumored to be having relationships in the bathroom. There were four victims that were identified from the video footage.

Barbera Quintero was arrested on Monday, February 14, 2023, on four count of Video Voyeurism. This case is still being investigated for more potential victims.

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