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Op-Ed: Our Culture Has Been Turned Upside-Down

American Family
 We were family-oriented people who believed in Judaic-Christian principles and values. Men were men and women respected their differences and raised the children. File photo: Michael Jung, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The United States stood for God, country, and freedom. America was the leader of the free world and was the arch enemy of communism. We were family-oriented people who believed in Judaic-Christian principles and values. Men were men and women respected their differences and raised the children. Teachers used to begin the school day with a prayer and flag salute. Divorce was not considered a solution to marital problems but as the death of the family. Citizens were God loving patriots. Military strength and law and order were supported and respected. Babies were a blessing and the key to our future. 

Preachers, teachers, and politicians were respected although citizens knew they might be faulty humans who could be tempted by evil. Those who went off the righteous and just path were vigorously punished by the public and the law. Treasonous or corrupt actions were severely handled in the military, the judicial system, and the mass media. There were no special protected classes or scapegoats. The media reported most of the evidence on both sides of the story. 

Beginning in the late 1950s and early 60s our nation began on a journey to become a more tolerant society by attacking values and accepting anti-traditional and grossly deviant behavior. “Deviance Down” became an intellectual fad that poisoned our Judaic-Christian value system, that elevated Satan above God in the minds and souls of our entertainment, mass media, political, corporate world, education, and even in the general population especially our children. With the woke Marxist culture, change has appeared to happen overnight although it has been metastasizing and fomenting underground for the last 50 years. These woke advocates are attempting to annihilate all aspects of our traditional history and culture.

The education indoctrination system in our public schools gained traction in the universities where socialist-communist professors openly shoved an anti-American interpretation of history down the throats of these adolescent students. As the process gained momentum in the 1960s so did the growth of our colleges. These institutions used their immense power to dictate the need for a college degree for almost every entry level job. It allowed our so-called “higher education” system to become brainwashing anti-American, pro-communist centers. 

At the same interval, in the beginning of the 1960s, Dr. Spock, a physician and socialist candidate for president of the United States, wrote the book Baby and Child Care that was diametrically opposed to proven and well-established traditional child rearing principles. His influence has grown to the point that many of the anti-discipline techniques that he endorsed have created children that are out-of-control, lazy, unproductive adults. These people have not been taught to believe in the work ethic. In these easily influenced woke minds they have been taught that the government should provide for them instead of being free to apply their energies and mental acuity to create their own destiny.

The sanctity of human life is being relentlessly attacked from conception to death. The fanatically woke elite and their followers argue that the global population needs to be drastically lowered to preserve Mother Earth. Global warming panic is being utilized as a motivator to reverse overpopulation throughout the world. The viewing of a baby as a curse rather than a blessing is being pushed by the mass media, public school curriculum, and college educators.

Many woke politicians are advocating legalizing abortion up to the day of birth and some radicals up to two years old. On the other side of the life cycle, doctors are often independently determing whether to preserve a life. 

We Americans are witnessing the attack by enemies inside and outside of our country. We see the near collapse of our traditional American values, our nation’s economic and military strength. China, on the other hand, proceeds to ignore our nation’s sovereignty by flying balloons or whatever else they want to do as if we are a paper tiger.  The balloon incidents across the entire United States and the diplomatic insults by the Chinese officials towards our pathetic president and his administration demonstrate a demoralized, corrupt, defeated second rate nation.

We saw the Grammy’s and the Superbowl half time show where lucifer is worshiped, people acted like animals, and God’s laws are ridiculed and ignored. This dismantling of our great free nation must be turned around immediately, or the world will lose its only hope for freedom to exist and flourish. 

No longer can we close our eyes to Satan’s destruction of the fabric of our beliefs, freedom, and our unity. Standing up to the evil that surrounds us is the only way to prevent the losing of our Judaic-Christian values, beliefs, and opportunity to be the best we can be.

Discipling our children, loving our families and country, will defeat evil and will return us to our rightful place as the leader of the free world.

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