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Op-Ed: Lack of Respect For Authority Is The Issue

Respect makes sharing viewpoints easier. Lack of respect often ends in hostility or worse. 
Respect makes sharing viewpoints easier. Lack of respect often ends in hostility or worse. File photo: Glynnis Jones, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Today’s children act as if they are on the same level as their parents or are even “the boss.” Too many children disobey or shout at their parents in public places. There are few parameters and demands placed on modern children by their parents. Frequently the reverse is true, that the children make the demands. Parents often feel guilty for not being there like their parents were for them. Guilt prevents many parents from saying “no” to these ever-increasing demanding children.  

Our present authority figures such as teachers, ministers, coaches, business owners, and even police have lost the respect of the general public. Our news media is constantly exposing every authority figure’s misdeed. The media rarely highlights the wonderful and honorable deeds of the majority of these powerful role models. 

Police who put their lives on the line everyday are being portrayed not as role models by the media and race hustlers but as racist: whether the police are black or white. The BLM movement after George Floyd’s tragic death inspired the slogan and movement: Defund the Police. This idea was glorified by the media although 80% of blacks are in favor of the police presence as they understand the absence of police increases crime in their community.  Blacks in high crime neighborhoods know police officers are not perfect but they are better than out of-control teenagers and hardened criminals randomly shooting innocent people. 

The disrespect towards the police is a dangerous aspect of our society. After WWII a large portion of citizens who were drafted into the military were very different when they returned from war. These US citizens passed the discipline and obedience that they learned in the military onto their children. These parents were stronger in their discipline than parents are today. Parents and children followed orders of authority instead of being verbally or physically hostile. Complying with the wishes of authority figures regardless of their negative attitude or demands de-escalated the anxiety of the police officers. Law enforcement members understand how quickly an arrest can escalate into a free for all. 

While in office, President Obama spoke to the nation about the difficult conversation he had to have with his teenagers about being differential to the police if they were pulled over. He said to always keep your hands in view and be pleasant. Everyone regardless of color or ethnicity should have this same discussion with their children as soon as they can drive.  When a police officer pulls a car over for a minor infraction the situation can escalate quickly depending on the driver’s behavior. 

Frequently in the media there are drive-by shootings, random killings of police officers for no reason other than their uniforms identify them as law officers. No one can deny that being a police officer is often a thankless and always a dangerous job. All police officers should be leery of people they encounter, especially when they single out a stranger they are going to question. 

It is wise for anyone being approached by the police to realize the police officer is attempting to do his job of maintaining law and order. They have the legal authority to question a person of interest. Anyone who is disrespectful to a police officer is making a grievous error. 

When a person is disrespectful to the police the emotions of both the policeman and the person being questioned escalate which is potentially dangerous for both. If the policeman or group of policemen are hostile it is best to control one’s emotions so as not to cause an incident. There will be the next level of legal personnel you can speak with to correct any injustice.

Pro football players face physical dangers but receive great monetary rewards and accolades. Police officers face life and death threats daily in the line of duty but receive small monetary salaries and harassment instead of respect.

Respect makes sharing viewpoints easier. Lack of respect often ends in hostility or worse. 

The obvious disrespect of law enforcement, the most necessary position to maintain law and order, is being vilified by the media and politicians. “Defunding the police” has even been rejected by blacks in high crime areas. It is a nonsensical idea by affluent woke politicians who can hire their own armed guards for protection. 

These educated woke people should be required to watch old westerns. They would realize when the sheriff’s office is vacated town folks beg for a replacement. The police officer, not politicians, establish and maintain law and order. 

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