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Op-Ed: Applause – Utah is First State to Pass Gender-Affirming Care Ban in 2023

Chemical castration, sterilization, and physical mutilation of minors are front and center in America as elected officials pass legislation to protect minors. 
In A Powerful Testimony, Detransitioner Chloe Cole Spoke Out Against ‘Gender-Affirming’ Health Care. File Photo: YouTube.

No child is born in the wrong body; their bodies are just fine; it’s their emotional lives that need healing. –Miriam Grossman 

PORTSMOUTH, OH  – Chemical castration, sterilization, and physical mutilation of minors are front and center in America as elected officials pass legislation to protect minors. 

The bill’s sponsor, State Senator Michael Kennedy (R) from Utah, a family practice physician, said last week that allowing gender-affirming care for minors represented “a radical and dangerous push.” 

Sen. Kennedy presented the bill with the assistance of Chloe Cole, the 18-year-old leading the fight to protect children from transgender surgeries.  

She is a self-described “former trans kid” who de-transitioned after undergoing years of puberty blockers and an irreversible double mastectomy at the age of 15. Cole was also diagnosed with autism and ADHD at age 7, which she says are “common comorbidities with gender dysphoria.” 

“The gender clinic presented my parents with the classic false dichotomy: Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?” Cole said.  

Watch Cole on YouTube: In A Powerful Testimony, Detransitioner Chloe Cole Spoke Out Against ‘Gender-Affirming’ Health Care. 

Kudos to courageous activist Cole. Her story, testimony, and truth will continue to help other confused minors. 

The gender industry nefariously targets people at the very core of personhood: identity…This identity-engineering is one of the defining features of cults.” –Mary Keffler 

Ryan Woods

Drag Artist Lady Maga USA, representing Gays Against Groomers, said this bill would stop the “mutilation and torture of our children.”  

A drag queen (aka a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transexual male) that wears a prom dress, high heels, a wig, and lipstick, stands up to protect minors from harmful trans treatments. That’s interesting. However, Woods, a biological male identifies as gay and not as a trans female. 

Dr. Nikki Mihalopoulos, adolescent medicine physician, representing self, spoke in opposition to the bill as did Jason Lebwohl, physician and parent. 

Again, I ask, why would physicians ignore biology and accept a nonscience-based gender theory? 

So, Utah became the first state to pass gender-affirming care ban in 2023.  

“Legislation that impacts our most vulnerable youth requires careful consideration and deliberation. While not a perfect bill, we are grateful for Sen. Kennedy’s more nuanced and thoughtful approach to this terribly divisive issue,” said Gov. Spencer Cox. “While we understand our words will be of little comfort to those who disagree with us, we sincerely hope that we can treat our transgender families with more love and respect as we work to better understand the science and consequences behind these procedures.”  

The legislation also allows minors to sue medical providers for malpractice for gender-affirming medical care if the minor “later disaffirms consent” before they turn 25. 

Oh, the politicians put teeth into the law.  

So far this year, at least 10 other states have introduced banning bills for medications and mutilations for minors: Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. 

In Oklahoma, a new bill seeks to bar all forms of gender-affirming care for individuals up to 26 years old.  

“West Virginia House Passes Gender-Affirming Treatment Ban.” The legislation passed 84-10, with all ‘no’ votes coming from the body’s shrinking delegation of Democrats, who accused GOP lawmakers of putting children’s lives at risk to score political points with the national conservative movement. 

Strangely, the following woke accredited medical institutions have bought into nonscience-based gender ideology: the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association.

A systematic and intentional brainwashing has been undertaken upon our children and our society, for the purpose of political and financial gain.” –Maria Keffler.  

Hmmm. How bizarre that educated medical professionals are pushing for healthy breasts, genitals, and uteruses to be removed from minors and young adults. 

“Here’s my plan to stop the chemical, physical and emotional mutilation of our youth: on day one, I will revoke Joe Biden’s cruel policies on so called gender affirming care, ridiculous; a process that includes giving kids puberty blockers, mutating their physical appearance, and ultimately performing surgery on minor children.” Donald Trump


Book: “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” by Miriam Grossman. “Don’t be blindsided like so many parents I know,” warns Grossman, “be proactive and get educated. Feel prepared and confident to discuss trans, nonbinary, or whatever your child brings to the dinner table.” Whether it’s the “trans is as common as red hair” claim, or the “I’m not your son, I’m your daughter” proclamation, or the “do you prefer a live son or a dead daughter’ threat, says Grossman, no family is immune, and every parent must be prepared.” 

Twitter: Known since 2006 for exposing the lies of the sex ed and gender industries. When biology is denied, a price is paid.  

Watch Miriam Grossman’s address at the Miami National Conservatism Conference on September 11, 2022. 

Video: The Transgender Revolution in the Classroom: What Parents Need to Know. Features Maria Keffler. Transgender ideology is flooding public school classrooms. What does this mean for our children? And what can parents do? This webinar from the Ethics and Public Policy Center equips parents with the knowledge and insights they need to recognize and resist the promotion of transgender ideology in public schools—and to protect their children from the transgender revolution.  

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“The core belief—that biology can and should be denied—is a repudiation of reality and a mockery of what hard science teaches about being male and female” –Dr. Grossman 

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