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Op-Ed: Busted – The Only Two Studies Used by The Tyrannical Transgender Industry Found Faulty & Flawed

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Sometimes truth shows itself immediately – sometimes truth doesn’t show up for decades or centuries. But, make no mistake, truth will prevail. File photo: Lemonsoup14, Shutter Stock, licensed.

No child is born in the wrong body, their bodies are just fine; it’s their emotional lives that need healing.” –Miriam Grossman 

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Truth won’t be silenced forever. Sometimes truth trickles out – sometimes truth gushes out. Sometimes truth shows itself immediately – sometimes truth doesn’t show up for decades or centuries. But, make no mistake, truth will prevail. 

Sorrowfully, for minors and adults alike, deception reigned with puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries. The nonscience-based propaganda of the radical transgender cultist movement has permanently damaged the bodies of regretful individuals. Genderland is a place of make-believe.  

Courageous Chole Cole, a biological female transitioned to a male – then realized the tragic mistake.  

“When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.” 

“The Myth of “Reliable Research” in Pediatric Gender Medicine.

A critical evaluation of the Dutch Studies—and research that has followed,” by E. Abbruzzese, Stephen B. Levine, and Julia W. Mason. 

“Two Dutch studies formed the foundation and the best available evidence for the practice of youth medical gender transition.” 

Two studies – that’s it. Two faulty studies. 

“We demonstrate that this work is methodologically flawed and should have never been used in medical settings as justification to scale this “innovative clinical practice.”  

My question: Why would medical professionals that support transgenderism follow two faulty research outcomes?  

Hmmm. Why would medical professionals follow nonscience-based gender ideology and deny biology?  

“We argued that these Dutch studies suffer from such profound limitations that they should never have been used as justification for propelling these interventions into general medical practice. We called for rigorous clinical research into the interventions known as “gender-affirming” care before these interventions are further scaled,” the authors asserted. “Until such research is available, we urged clinicians to disclose the profound uncertainties regarding the outcomes of this treatment pathway to enable patients and families to make better-informed decisions about their care.” 

Journalist Ashley Bateman, in a recent article for The Federalist, took a deep dive into the faulty studies and the transgender industry. 

Bateman reported that The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) responded to the report in a press release on Jan. 25 calling on organizations to “reconsider current protocols for gender dysphoric children.” 

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, endocrinologist and Past President of ACPeds stated in response: 

“ACPeds has long held that efforts to socially, medically and surgically interfere with the biological integrity of children and adolescents are not appropriate because of the very well documented harms and questionable benefits of such interventions.  This published critique has pulled the foundation out from under guidelines used by major organizations pushing for transgender interventions.” 

“This open access report is critical because it exposes the fraudulent foundation of pediatric transgender medicine in the United States,” asserted Michelle Cretella, immediate past executive director of ACPeds 

In 2014 there were 24 gender clinics clustered chiefly along the East Coast and in California; one year later there were 40 across the nation.  

My question: Why the boom in gender clinics?  

Because of the radical LBGTQ gender identity cult movement and the spewing of nonscience-based rhetoric by the liberal mainstream media mockingbird mob. Because of Czar Joe Biden regime’s (aka the Deep State) push of poisonous propaganda and harmful legislation. Because the gender industry (aka Big Pharma, hospitals, surgeons) rake in big bucks. 

Who is funding the transgender movement? Journalist Jennifer Bilek in The Standard said, “I found exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations.” 

These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations, revealed Bilek. 

Follow the money trail to the pot of gold at the end of the LGBTQ rainbow flag.  

Excerpt from Advocates Protecting Children website: 

Gender clinics have popped up like weeds in cities across the country. Teachers are taught in continuing education classes that they must teach gender theory and affirm children’s “gender identities.” Teachers, counselors, and therapists are often actively involved in inculcating children into gender ideology.  

An increasing number of states are passing legislation that prevents therapists from helping children identify the underlying causes of their gender identity issues. Children everywhere are bombarded with messages about embracing transgender ideology, and myriad “experts” encourage parents to respond to their child’s newfound identity with celebratory enthusiasm. But for those who see the harms of this dangerous ideology, shockingly few resources are available. 

“After people have sex reassignment surgeries … they want more surgeries,” according to Levine. “It’s very clear they have continued gender dysphoria. The idea that they are being ‘cured’ by affirmative care is an artifact, it’s a myth.” 

A 2015 article in Vanity Fair interviewed Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn) and revealed his myriad medical procedures. However, his genitals remained intact.  

Albeit, celebrities in Hollyweird can impact impressionable adolescents questioning their gender identity to believe in fairytales and ignore biology, nature, and common sense. 

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Book: “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” by Miriam Grossman. 

Watch Miriam Grossman’s address at the Miami National Conservatism Conference on September 11, 2022. 

Here’s my plan to stop the chemical, physical and emotional mutilation of our youth: on day one, I will revoke Joe Biden’s cruel policies on so called gender affirming care, ridiculous; a process that includes giving kids puberty blockers, mutating their physical appearance, and ultimately performing surgery on minor children.” –Donald Trump, 2024 campaign speech

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