Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman Josh Sills Indicted on Rape, Kidnapping Charges with Super Bowl Looming

Josh Sills
The Ohio Attorney General and Guernsey County Sheriff announced that Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman Josh Sills, 25, was indicted on one count of rape and one count of kidnapping, both of which are first-degree felonies. Image credit: O’Colly Sports / YouTube.

SARAHSVILLE, OH – With just over a week-and-a-half to go before the Super Bowl, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Josh Sills was indicted on charges of rape and kidnapping in Ohio on Wednesday, according to the state’s attorney general. 

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and Guernsey County Sheriff Jeffrey D. Paden announced that Sills, 25, was indicted on one count of rape and one count of kidnapping, both of which are first-degree felonies. 

“In December 2019, the indictment says, Sills engaged in sexual activity that was not consensual and held a victim against her will,” Yost said in a statement. “The crime was immediately reported, and the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a detailed investigation.” 

Sills was scheduled to be on the field – playing as a tackle and guard – during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12, with Sills’ team, National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles, set to compete against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Prior to joining the Eagles, Sills – a rookie who joined the Eagles in 2022 as an undrafted free agent and who has played in only one regular season game so far – played football for four years at West Virginia University before transferring to Oklahoma State in 2020. 

Officials have stated that the case has been presented to a grand jury and is being prosecuted by the Special Prosecutions Section of the Attorney General’s Office. 

Sills, who hails from Sarahsville, Ohio, is next set to appear in Guernsey County Common Pleas Court on February 16. It is currently unknown if the Eagles plan on releasing Sills due to the accusations against him. 

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