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Op-Ed: Huh? Woke Smithsonian Kicks Out Students for Wearing Pro-Life Hats – It’s Political Bunkum

Tweet from mother of two students kicked out for wearing toboggan hats. Image: @KihneSheila / Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – This recent article from Life News caught my attention. Tweet from mother of two students kicked out for wearing toboggan hats. What did the hat say? “Rosary PRO-LIFE.” 


A federal institution, the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, just kicked out an entire group of pro-life students and their chaperones simply for having a pro-life religious message on their hats. It’s absolutely outrageous, it’s unconstitutional discrimination, and the ACLJ is fighting back. 

Via American Center for Law and Justice – ACLJ’s website: 

The Smithsonian Institution, as a federal entity, receives upwards of $1 billion from the government every year. It states on its website that they “welcome all people to explore” its museums, apparently just not kids with pro-life views. This was a clear-cut First Amendment violation, not only of their freedom of speech but of religion as well. The federal government simply cannot ban speech with which it or its employees disagree. 

A government institution cannot censor an individual’s speech, much less speech from the inherently Christian pro-life position. We have helped individuals with similar cases in the past. The law is clear: “The government may not suppress or exclude the speech of private parties for the sole reason that the speech is religious.” Shurtleff v. City of Boston.

Kudos to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). 

Jay Sekulow is widely regarded as one of the foremost free speech and religious liberties litigators in the United States, having argued 12 times before the U.S. Supreme Court in some of the most groundbreaking First Amendment cases of the past quarter century. As Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), he is a renowned constitutional attorney, an international expert on religious liberty, and an acclaimed and distinguished broadcaster. 

Jordan Sekulow is the Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). He is an attorney and cohost of Sekulow, a syndicated radio program providing cutting analysis of today’s political and legal landscape with elected officials and conservative leaders. 

What can you do? Sign the petition at ACLJ to show your support for freedom of religious expression for the pro-life students. 

By the way, you can sign many conservative petitions at the ACLJ website

The following is what ACLJ is doing about government corruption under the Biden regime

According to Newsweek, The Smithsonian released a racist chart linking qualities such as self-reliance, the nuclear family, objective rational thinking, math, and hard work as qualities of “whiteness.” 

The article asserted the phenomenon is called institutional capture, which refers to what happens when organizations get caught in a moral puritanical movement and lose sight of their primary missions—as places of knowledge, objective learning, and the free exchange of ideas. 

However, after backlash, the Smithsonian removed the chart breaking down ‘whiteness and white culture’ in the US. 

Folks, once again when rational and sensible citizens speak out – things change. That’s why patriots need to stand up every time our rights are scrubbed or erased. We must not zip our lips when our precious Constitution is slashed and wounded. “We the People.” 

Folks, do you know what else is outrageous? 

An American self-proclaimed atheist man in Florida has threatened to sue government city officials if he is denied a permit to put an obscene 6-foot statue of a pink penis in public places in several cities in the Sunshine State based on a bizarre Japanese religious holiday that celebrates a male’s genitals. Moreover, he opposes religious symbols on public properties.  

Citizens, pray and unite. 

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