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Op-Ed: Transgender People in Politics – McBride First Trans Intern for Obama in White House

Sarah McBride became the first transgender speaker at a major political convention when she spoke during the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Jul 2016. PBS NewsHour / Youtube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Barack Obama and Joe Biden are promoters and supporters of nonscience-based gender ideology. Hmmm. Why would intelligence and powerful leaders disavow biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry? Both men are fathers – why sign legislation that harms children? 

Sarah McBride was the first openly transgender person to work in the White House as an intern for President Barack Obama’s administration, as reported by the New York Times. 

Biden invited a drag queen to the White House for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act. 

Is Obama a gay man? Is Michelle a transwoman? In 2014, Joan Rivers said as much to a reporter. Mainstream media chalked it up to a mere joke. Watch the clip on YouTube.

Michelle Obama revealed that she hates how she looks “all the time and no matter what” in a new book titled “The Light We Carry.”

Furthermore, astute citizens surmise that Biden is the puppet and Obama is the puppet master in the Oval Office. 

Transgendered Politicians 

In 2020, voters in six states handed eight transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming candidates victories in state legislatures. 

Delaware. Sarah McBride, a Democratic LGBTQ activist, won the Delaware State Senate race and in so doing has become the first openly transgender state senator and the country’s highest-ranking transgender official, according to a 2020 article in Harpers Bazaar

McBride is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

Vermont. Twenty-six-year-old Democrat Taylor Small is the first openly transgender person to be elected to the Vermont legislature. 

Small is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

The article noted that Small has a drag persona named Nikki Champagne, and has participated in Drag Queen Story Hour in Vermont libraries. 

New Hampshire. Democratic Lisa Bunker was reelected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Bunkeris the author of two books starring transgender characters.

Bunker is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

New Hampshire. Representative Gerri Cannon (D) elected to House of Representatives. 

Cannon is a biological male that identifies as female. 

Kansas. Democrat Stephanie Byers, a former public school teacher became Kansas’s first elected transgender official. Byers and her wife, Lori Haas, helm a diversity consulting company called Gender.Training, which works to educate communities about gender identity.

Byers is a biological male that identifies as female. 

Colorado. Democrat Representative Brianna Titone became Colorado’s first transgender legislator. In 2016, Titone entered the political arena by joining and subsequently serving as secretary and treasurer of the Jefferson County LGBTQ+ Caucus. 

Titone is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

Virginia. In 2017, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender person elected to a state legislature 

Roem is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

According to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, there are currently 39 elected transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming elected public officials across the country, noted NBC News. 

In 2020, Honey Mahogany became the first Black openly transgender person to win an elected post in California. Before entering politics, Mahogany competed on season five of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Mahogany is a biological male that identifies as a female. 

“These days, the Democratic Party is largely known for supporting transgender people. But before the Democrats took a hard stance against transphobia, New Jersey resident Barbra Casbar Siperstein helped push the Democratic National Committee in a pro-trans direction after she became the first openly transgender person to be elected to the committee,” according a 2021 article in the Daily Dot.

My concern: Gender ideology is not based on hard science. Will the politicians that identify as transgender vote for a nonscience-based theory to be taught to children in public schools? Are they in favor of books that teach nonscience gender ideology in schools? 

My questions: 

  1. Where do trans politicians stand on puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries for kids? 
  2. Do they support children in drag queen costumes strolling the catwalk for RuPaul’s events? 
  3. Do they support drag queens indoctrinating and grooming children in public schools and libraries? 
  4. Do they support having kids at drag queen festivals, parades, brunches and Bingo? 
  5. Do they support the sexualization of children in venues (bars, clubs, shows) with drag queens engaged in adult entertainment? (twerking in thongs and pasties) 
  6. Do they agree with biological males in female bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports? 

Citizens, unite.  

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