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Op-Ed: School District & City in Missouri in Hot Water for Drag Queen Show Without Parental Permission

According to a group of parents, the drag queen show was not disclosed prior by the Columbia Values Diversity Celebration.
According to a group of parents, the drag queen show was not disclosed prior by the Columbia Values Diversity Celebration.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey sent a letter to the City of Columbia and Columbia Public Schools, for allowing CPS students to attend an “adult-themed drag show performance,” according to a story by ABC 17 News. Parents were interviewed by ABC 17 Newscasters or watch on YouTube.

Twitter: Nclusion Plus supplied the three drag queens. 

AG Bailey sent a firm and stern letter to Brian Yearwood, superintendent of CPS. 

Kudos to the parents and AG Bailey. 

According to a group of parents, the drag queen show was not disclosed prior by the Columbia Values Diversity Celebration. Twitter: See Mayor Barbara Buffaloe gush over the drag queens. 

AG Baily sent a firm and stern letter to Buffaloe as well. 

Excerpt of letter: 

As such, along with thousands of parents in our state, I am deeply troubled by reports that you have used the authority of your office to actively undermine Missouri’s law by deliberating subjecting a group of middle school children to an adult-themed drag queen show performance. 

Libs of TikTok – SCOOP: Missouri middle schools took students to drag show without parental consent. See a copy of the permission slip.  

Kudos to Libs of TikTok. 

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tweeted, “Parents weren’t clearly informed of the contents of the program, and adult performances are not diversity. Columbia Public Schools should focus on educational experiences that prioritize math, reading, writing, science, and history, which parents expect and demand for their kids.” 

Kudos to Gov. Parson. Education not indoctrination.  

The following is the headline from the Columbia Daily Tribune, an obvious member of the mainstream mockingbird muppets: “MO governor, AG and right-wing Twitter criticize CPS for drag queens at diversity breakfast.” 

Nelson Otto, a citizen, penned an opinion piece for the News Tribune about the incident. 


For years, the LGB fought long and hard for enough acceptance to live their lives in peace and without fear. We have these buffoons across the country and now in Missouri playing games and making LGB targets again. This issue with CPS bringing children to the “2023 Columbia Values Diversity Celebration,” which included a drag show, is just the latest example. 

The people in charge wanted to pull a fast one and slip it past the parents without including the drag show on any of the events lists. And guess what, they got caught. Who will pay the price for their games? LGB and drag performers is who. None of these thoughtless “leaders” will ever be held responsible, they never are. They will prance around with pride at causing controversy and the idea that “we are bringing attention to the plight of the LGBTQ+.” In reality, they are causing the plight of the LGB. 

In the same vein, a commentary writer, Christopher Tremoglie, for the Washington Examiner expressed his frustration with the “cultural abomination of drag queen story hour” when the groomers recently visited a library in Baltimore, Maryland. 

“It’s shocking that anyone would want these things to occur in their communities. Thankfully, many have grown tired of drag queen story hours and started protesting them. They have realized such events are highly inappropriate, especially since, inexplicably, young children are the target demographic. It’s an attempt to normalize a societal taboo through toxic, radical brainwashing,” asserted Tremoglie. 

My questions: Who exactly is responsible for sneaking in the drag queens into a diversity event honoring Martin Luther King Day? What are the consequences for the adults? How much did the drag queen show cost the taxpayers?  

According to the letters by AG Baily, there will be an ongoing investigation. Hopefully, this in-you-face incident of defiance by elected officials in the City of Columbia and school employees will send a message to all public schools in the USA. 

Or will the wrong-doers bring a frivolous lawsuit against the rational leaders and rally their radical transgender cultists? 

Yes, 2023 is the year for sane and sensible citizens to stay united and continue fighting the gender ideology war waged on our children. Drag queens need to stick with entertaining adults in adult places – and leave our children alone.  

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