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Op-Ed: Stop Transgenderism – Revisiting Children’s Book “Johnny the Walrus” by Matt Walsh, Defender and Protector of Kids


PORTSMOUTH, OH – Daily Wire personality Matt Walsh cares about kids. That’s why I watch his show via YouTube and that’s why I like him. His boldness and bluntness – more reasons. Have you read his 2021 children’s book called “Johnny the Walrus?”

Excerpt about “Johnny the Walrus” 

Johnny is a little boy with a big imagination. One day he pretends to be a big scary dinosaur, the next day he’s a knight in shining armor or a playful puppy. But when the internet people find out Johnny likes to make-believe, he’s forced to make a decision between the little boy he is and the things he pretends to be — and he’s not allowed to change his mind.  

His progressive mommy knows her boy is a boy, but becomes pressured by her friends on social media to treat and “transition” her child to live his true identity as a walrus. But will Johnny be happy in his trans-walrus identity? 

The mother in the story “starts to learn … just because your child is pretending to be something, doesn’t mean he actually is that.”  

“Johnny the Walrus” – Watch Matt Walsh on YouTube as he reads to a roomful of children.

Twitter: See Walsh being interviewed by Tucker Carlson in 2021. 

“There are dozens of children’s books brainwashing kids into the gender identity cult where they are taught that identity is malleable and biology is meaningless,” Walsh proclaimed, according to the outlet. “This book is meant to be an antidote to that madness.” 

Walsh’s book sold out in a matter of hours on Amazon in 2021. 

“The success of the book proves that people are tired of the children’s book market being dominated by left wing propaganda,” Walsh, a fierce cultural warrior on the Right, told The Daily Wire. 

“Matt Walsh pushes back against radical gender ideology with children’s book about a boy who pretends to be a walrus,” reported a 2021 article at The Blaze. “The success of the book proves that people are tired of the children’s book market being dominated by left wing propaganda,” Walsh noted. 

The Daily Signal LGBT books that might be in your child’s classroom or school library. “Children are learning about gay marriage, preferred pronouns, and gender identity, thanks to woke children’s books.” 

“I have a girl brain, but a boy body,” the book “I Am Jazz” says. “This is called transgender. I was born this way.”  

Folks, that’s indoctrination in a book for children. Jazz will never have a monthly period or become pregnant. 

“I Am Jazz” was published in 2014 and authored by Jessica Herthel, a transgender rights advocate, and Jazz Jennings, the honorary co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation and star of the TLC reality-TV show “I Am Jazz.”  


The purpose of Brenda4Kids is to pull back the curtain on what’s really going on in public education.  Parents have been “left in the dark” about MANY CHANGES concerning educational content, laws, policies, and the fast erosion of parental rights. As a public teacher in California and former school board member, I hope you will see the evidence for yourself with the articles, curriculum, and documents provided.  

Gender Books in Elementary Schools Cause Gender Confusion in Children.


Public Schools are INTENTIONALLY confusing children about their gender and CREATING gender dysphoria and mental crisis. These books that tell kindergartners their gender can change from day to day or from year to year based on their feelings and that their pronouns can change like the weather have been recommended into elementary schools and public libraries nationwide by the School Library Journal, Kirkus Review, Publisher’s Weekly, and Booklist, which is published by the American Library Association. The School Library Journal stated that these books are a “must-have” for all libraries serving children and are exceptional read-aloud for classrooms or story time.    

Mental Health Workers in our Schools and Partnering Outside Agencies including on-line Crisis Hotlines are trained to ONLY AFFIRM (confidentially – without parent knowledge) ALL gender identities and pronouns, no matter the age of the child.  

Brenda provided samples of curriculum used in California schools. 

Chat Spaces through Schools (K-12), NATIONWIDE, to explore genders and sexualities. All our national mental health hotlines (including 988) accessed through our schools, recommend kids to the Trevor Project. 

The Trevor Project is a suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ+ students. This means if students say they are unsure of their gender, after reading books in school that say there are many gender choices based on their feelings, then they are referred to LGBTQ+ “resources“. The Q in LGBTQ means Queer or QUESTIONING. Once a child becomes confused about all these genders, they are now a Q, because the “confusion” means they are “Questioning.” 

Some schools even provide these Trevor Project Hotline numbers on the walls of schools and/or in student bathrooms (Grades K-12). 

What can you do? 

  • Read books, articles, blogs, and arm yourself with knowledge and info. 
  • Reach out to other parents in your school district. 
  • Request a copy of the school’s curriculum and read every page. 
  • Request a list of woke books the teachers read to children.  
  • Request a list of the woke books in the school library. 
  • Request the teacher’s official daily lesson plan. 
  • Read the posters in the school’s hallway. Ask what posters are in the bathroom and gym.  
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom. 

Folks, the more I find about how the radical transgender cult movement has infiltrated the schools, the more determined I am to expose the poisonous propaganda. 

Parents and citizens, unite. 

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