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Op-Ed: Equity Is A Ludicrous Communist Concept

The equity concept is absurd and should not deserve consideration as a logical, viable way of doing anything that would be successful. It might sound great to some but is a recipe for failure.  File photo: Southworks, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Equity is everyone having the same outcome regardless of what they do. This would mean a person who did not care for their garden and just dropped seeds should receive the same quality of vegetables as a gardener who worked hard enriching the earth, removing the weeds and irrigating the plants. This would never happen since it is not the way reality unfolds.

Another way to illustrate this would be a person who did not study the required material fails every test but receives the same grade as a person who concentrated and learned it all. This equity concept is absurd and should not deserve consideration as a logical, viable way of doing anything that would be successful. It might sound great to some but is a recipe for failure. 

Yet, in the United States there are supposed scholars arguing for equity to produce a utopian world. According to them, if everyone is treated equally regardless of earning it, many would be content. The person given the rewards probably would be highly pleased for a while until their standard of living drops. They would eventually become disillusioned for the quality of life would be lessened. 

On the other hand, the person who applied himself to earn the recognition and higher status would be annoyed and would lower his commitment to his work and studies. This is the reason the communist ideology of equity is initially attractive to dreamers and “slackers” who want something for nothing but fails in the long run as everyone will eventually lower their level of quality and production. 

China is one of the latest national political systems to use this equity concept. How has that worked out for the citizens? Lies and more lies, promises and more promises are constantly repeated to propagandize the populace. When the comrades respond by protests or violence the police and even the military are used to quell the unrest by force. The uprising in Tiananmen Square and the recent riots in Beijing were beaten down by police and soldiers with overwhelming force. The television reporting of this exchange between the people and Chinese forces was brutally graphic. 

The Chinese government increases fear by random killings, putting the Uyghurs in re-education camps and sentencing hundreds of thousands to prison terms. This has temporarily silenced these uprisings but the calm relies on the underlying use of brutality, and intimidation to control their people.

It is currently reported that over 140 million people in China are suffering from malnutrition due to lack of food. This is happening while Premier Xi Jinping is attempting to persuade the world that China is the new world leader replacing the United States. This is stated while China is teetering on financial disaster. However, this largest totalitarian nation in the world is held together by fear of government retaliation. Interestingly the majority of the world’s media is not contradicting the appraisal of China’s economic stability and political power whose obvious issues are staring them in the face.

The equity route to motivate people is contrary to human nature. There will always in any society be people who take advantage of others. In college communes in the 1960s some students provided the food and labor to feed the group while the grubbers did nothing. The communes never caught on and disappeared as quickly as they were introduced as it was unfair to the few who contributed more than others. 

Freedom of choice and merit have shown to be more productive and realistic methods of organizing and rewarding people to do their best in an endeavor. Parents use privileges and material items to motivate their children. When their children do not do well in school, they lose some freedoms and special activities. They gain them back when their grades improve. When employees do a good job they receive promotions, increases in salary, and greater possibilities of advancement. Everyone in a capitalistic culture is supposed to be rewarded for what they contribute to the family, school, business, and community. 

Equity sounds great to the unmotivated, lazy, short-cutting slackers. It is a terrific method for unmotivated people to develop into takers not givers. Rewarding a person for reaching a difficult high level of achievement is a positive motivator. It sets standards towards a higher level increasing the quality of the group and nation as a whole. 

The communist concept of equity must be stopped in the United States of America as it would rob us of our freedom and competitive edge in the world of nations.

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