SKILLET at Rock the Universe 2023, Florida’s Christian Music Festival in January at Universal Studios In Orlando

S K I L L E T Greatest Hits Full Album
Christian rock band Skillet, originally formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996, is among the listed headliners at the two-night event on Jan. 27-28.  MUSICAL / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  The Christian Post highlighted an event coming to the Sunshine State.  Folks, it’s a family-friendly event. A safe place to enjoy music. No drag queen entertainers with twerking and jerking to sexualize children – what a relief.  

Rock the Universe, hosted by Universal Studios in Orlando, is pegged as Florida’s biggest Christian music festival. And 2023 marks the 25th year Universal Studios has hosted the Christian event. The two-night event will be held Jan. 27-28. 

Guess what Christian rock band is featured? SKILLET is among the listed headliners along with Tauren Wells, Zach Williams and Matthew West. John Cooper, the frontman of the multi-platinum Rock Band Skillet, says these types of Christian events can help restore the family dynamic that is crumbling in America. 

Skillet was originally formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. 

“My pastor at the time said you should start a band with these other members of different bands, it’d be like throwing everything into a skillet, all these different ingredients,” Cooper shared. “Then somebody said you should call it Skillet, that would be funny, and we were like, OK.” 

SKILLET Greatest Hits Full Album – Best Songs Playlist 2021 

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“We can celebrate that with all kinds of people, whether you’re talking about class, ethnicity, whatever that may be or even denomination. So, we’re coming together to say, we’re putting some of our differences aside because we agree that Jesus Christ is Lord. And that’s a really wonderful thing,” Cooper told the Christian Post. 

“There’s an awakening happening in America right now, among religious people,= and non-religious people, that we’re losing our kids,” Cooper told CP. “What I’m excited about is, I think the Church has the answer to that. The Church has always had the answer to that because God creates a man and a woman to get married and have children and raise their kids in the fear and admonition of the Lord.” 

“So, I still think the Church is the answer. God’s way always works, and it’s going to work in 2023 if we will listen,” Cooper declared. 

SKILLET is definitely a band that likes to jam to loud Christian rock tunes. Grandma may benefit from earplugs.  

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