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Davos 2023: Goal of WEF Globalist Autocrat Agenda is Still One World Government

Davos 2023
The World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland). File photo: Drop of Light, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Real power is achieved when the ruling class controls the material essentials of life, granting and withholding them from the masses as if they were privileges.” –George Orwell 

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The World Economic Forum (WEF) megalomaniacs wrapped up their annual maniacal meetings on Friday. Another gathering of greedy gurus that babbled on and on about building their totalitarian empire. 

Nearly 3,000 political, business, media and academic elites from around the globe met from January 16 to January 20 in Davos, Switzerland, to praise themselves for misusing their power – while the mainstream media mafia gushed and bowed.  

Why Switzerland? A safe haven for international money-laundering and corruption, perhaps. “Switzerland is a private’s harbor,” declared Mark Peith.

“Against this unprecedented backdrop, the World Economic Forum is convening its 53rd Annual Meeting in January to reaffirm the value and imperative of dialogue and public-private cooperation, not only to navigate the current cascading crises but, more importantly, to drive tangible, system-positive change for the long term.”  

Blah. Blah. Blah.  

Watch Pinky and The Brain on YouTube to get an idea of what happens at the WEF annual conferences. Two cartoon characters with one mission – capture the world. 

Musk Exposes WEF 

Elon Musk, a WEF insider, enjoys poking and exposing the WEF’s Marxist manifesto (read the Great Reset by Klaus Schwab) to conquer sovereign nations in an attempt to control the populace.  

The Twitter owner recently tweeted, “WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.” 

Next, Musk posted an online poll — that generated 2.42 million votes — where he asked whether “The World Economic Forum should control the world.” Eighty-six percent of respondents said “no.” 

Weeeooo. Musk loves to dangle the WEF’s Kryptonite by revealing their dictatorial tactics. 

WEF & Marxism 

Marxism is an economic and political theory that examines the flaws inherent in capitalism and seeks to identify an alternative, which Karl Marx called “utopian socialism.” 

Kennedy Exposes WEF 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tweeted, “The American press makes its annual pilgrimage to genuflect to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and get its marching orders from the billionaires.” 

New American Exposes WEF 

“The annual Davos confab of the globalist elites is getting serious pushback this year. It’s getting a lot harder for the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its servile presstitutes in Fake News media to write off their critics as “tinfoil hat extremists” and “right-wing conspiracy theorists.” From the world’s richest man to a rapidly growing throng of bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, and independent-media platforms from all parts of the planet and across the political spectrum, the billionaire denizens of Davos are being called out and their toxic command-and-control “masters of the universe” schemes are being exposed,” reported The New American.

Kerry, WEF Climate Czar 

However, what John Kerry, USA appointed climate czar, proclaimed was laughable but eerie – because he believes it. 

When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we — select group of human beings because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives — are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet.” 

Argh. The delusional, but wealthy non-elected and self-appointed thugs are going to save planet Earth. Are they living in a parallel fantasy fallacy or auditioning for a new Marvel movie? 

“I mean, it’s so almost extraterrestrial to think about ‘saving the planet.’” Kerry prattled, “If you said that to most people, most people they think you’re just a crazy tree-hugging lefty liberal, you know, do-gooder, or whatever, and there’s no relationship. But really, that’s where we are.” 

Watch Kerry’s weirdness on YouTube.

Does Kerry want the lead Superman part in the WEF film to save humanity from the carbon emissions from cows?  

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano responded: “Kerry and the World Economic Forum, the UN, and Al Gore all seem to believe they are the chosen ones to save the planet. But, Kerry actually said something we can all agree with when he noted, ‘most people they think you’re just a crazy tree-hugging lefty, liberal.” Yes, Kerry is correct, most people do think that.” 

This is me chuckling – not upchucking.  

Maybe, we can ask the extraterrestrials for a one-way ticket for John Kerry, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, António Guterres, Bill Gates, King Charles, Anthony Fauci, Albert Bourla, Greta Thunberg, Mark Zuckerberg and the remaining long list of WEF minions.  

Psychologist Jordan Peterson typed out a tweet about the crazed climate czar as well.  

Kerry blabbered about what’s needed to fix the nonexistent climate crisis. 

“The lesson I’ve learned in the last years, and I learned it as secretary and I’ve learned it since, reinforced in spades, is money, money, money, money, money, money, money,” he stressed. 

On Twitter, gander at Al Gore’s rabid rant about climate annihilation.  

WEF Climate Crisis Hoax 

Folks, the climate crisis is a hoax. And the WEF thieves want every dime in your bank account. 

WEF’s Futurist Pods for Humans

Watch the following video on Twitter. These ‘Great Reset’ psychopaths want to control citizens by herding them into futuristic prison pods, supplying a universal income, and a diet of bugs.  

DAVOS WATCH: WEF unveils the 5-minute city utopia, which they claim will be 100% solar and wind powered, occupied by millions. 

Hark. More and more citizens are being alerted to the reality of the WEF’s agenda for a One World Government. Self-appointed autocrats at the top – peasants on the bottom.  

Patriots Unite 

Alternative media via the internet, social platforms, and podcasts have shouted the truth. Kudos to these owners, publishers, editors, journalists, reporters, columnists, and every person involved in exposing the evils of the WEF (aka Deep State, Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, New World Order). 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” –Edmund Burke 

The National Liberty Alliance is instructing citizens on “Government by Consent.” How? “We are educating Americans on lawfully and peacefully organizing militias in all 3,133 U.S. Counties as per 10 United States Code §246 under the auspices of the Sheriff. Every able-bodied person should join. Each County militia will organize under uniform established rules, regulations, and resolutions. Each County Militia will be free and independent under the County Sheriff. We will have regular national meetings to assist the members of every county to organize, educate and properly form lawfully.” 

Patriots for Prayer 

Pastors for Trump is a coalition of Patriot Pastors from all 50 states that recognize the importance of Christians engaging in the world we live in as the salt and light. “As the spiritual leaders of our nation, we are committed to pray for Donald J. Trump and present our requests before him on issues such as life, marriage, freedom of speech and personal responsibility.” On February 6, 2023, pastor Jackson Lahmeyer and freedom-loving Roger Stone will host a National Prayer Conference Call. 

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” –George Orwell 

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