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Op-Ed: Crocs Footwear, Teletubbies & RuPaul DragCon Team Up For U.K. Kid Drag Show Indoctrination

Libs of TikTok exposed Crocs for sponsoring and promoting child drag shows where children perform dressed up in drag. 
Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community through inclusivity and acceptance is a year long commitment, Crocs said when it launched its LOVE AS YOU ARE campaign. Image: Crocs / Instagram, / Libs of TikTok / Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Why would a footwear brand be interested in seeing children dress in drag and walk down a runway? Advertising to make more money, wokeness, perversion, or part of the transgender cult movement – or all of the above. 

The Crocs brand cosponsored a RuPaul DragCon U.K. event promoting child participation in a “kids fashion show,” Jan. 6-8, according to a recent article in the Washington Examiner.

“Want to walk the runway?” the poster asked, in which children were given the opportunity to dress up in drag and perform for adults. How many perverts, predators, and pedophiles were in the audience?  

DragCon” is a massive gathering of drag queens – men dressed up as women who perform highly sexualized shows. Why do they want children to attend and participate? Ponder on that question. 

Gaze upon the drag queen pic at NBC News. The dress is made up of children’s teddy bears and other stuffed animals (notice Disney’s Mickey Mouse) to cover the breasts and genitalia area – deviant and disgusting from an adult man pretending to be a woman or believing he is a female. 

“While drag has attained mainstream popularity across the U.S. — due in large part to the wildly successful “RuPaul’s Drag Race” franchise — critics have argued that children shouldn’t be exposed to it, and lawmakers across the U.S. have proposed bills trying to keep kids away,” NBC reported. 

Libs of TikTok exposed Crocs for sponsoring and promoting child drag shows where children perform dressed up in drag. 

Journalist Tayler Hansen shared several Crocs video advertisements promoting drag queens and LGBT narratives. It appears that Crocs is not only promoting children dressing in drag to perform for adults but has fully subscribed to the woke mind virus.  

Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America,” said:  

This is disgusting. And what you see happening on the left – this reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga ad  where we were all worked up about the kids in bondage – is a lot of people on the left are turning children into fashion accessories. Like it’s cool to say, ‘Oh, my kid goes to drag shows,’ but deep down we know that’s not right. We all know. I mean, if you thought about it on this level, political trolling has become so bitter that we’re willing to do it at the expense of the well-being of kids…How is it okay to bring kids to a sex show unless you’re just trolling the other side because you know it’s culturally abhorrent to them and so you’ll do it at the expense of your kid. This is not good for kids.”  

But wait… 

There’s even more indoctrination for younger children. 

Per New Busters, reported the Teletubbies – a children’s also sponsored the event. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po attended the drag convention’s “kids zone” to pose for photos with kids and drag queens. 

On the Teletubbies HQ Instagram, the brand said, “Watch them on the Main Stage and in the Teletubbyland Kid Zone for some exciting meet and greets! Kids under 8 are FREE.”  

The event also featured multiple Drag Queen Story Time events throughout the three day conference. 

Three brainwashing days to indoctrinate, groom, and sexualize younger children under the guise of fun and fantasy.  

But Crocs and Teletubbies are far from the only gender-bender corporations pushing nonscience-based gender ideology on kids. 

Other sponsors have jumped on the kid drag wagon. 

In 2022, Toyota sponsored an event for “LGBTQ+ Youth” that featured a performance from a drag performer and a workshop on “the first steps of becoming a fabulous drag performer.” 

AbbVie Inc, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a drug commonly used to halt puberty, sponsors the GenderCool Project, a left-wing organization that promotes child transgenderism.  

Ahem. Connect the conflict of interest dots for AbbVie. 

“GenderCool is an inspiring disrupter. We are breaking through to millions of people who say they’ve never met a transgender or non-binary person. They feel conflicted about what they read, see and hear.” The organization works to insert transgenderism, particularly child transgenderism, into media and entertainment.  

Various media outlets, including Today Show, CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and others have highlighted GenderCool and its child activists.  

The adults at GenderCool didn’t get the memo that no child is born in the wrong body. And there is absolutely no science that supports transgenderism.  


Folks, we must continue to speak out in peaceful protest to protect the children. Contact sponsors and voice your opinion. Tell RuPaul to leave the children out of adult drag queen entertainment.  

Citizens, unite. 

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