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Op-Ed: Transgenderism: The Dark, Disturbing, and Deviant History of the Gender Ideology Movement

The reasons behind why people are gay, straight or bisexual have long been a source of controversy. And the debate continues to rage in politics, the church, society – and in both the soft and the hard science communities. File photo: GoodStudio, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – A thought-provoking facet of the transgender movement is the speed and intensity with which it has recently swirled and whirled into the mainstream of American society.

However, transgender ideology is not a new concept at all – the seeds were sown in times past and the movement exploded with RuPaul’s Drag Queen television show and when Drag Queen Story Hour came upon the scene. However, prior the trans movement hovered on the fringes of society, but became embedded in a political crusade backed by powerful money moguls. The pressure was turned up and trans become a part of the woke culture. 

George Soros: The money behind the transgender movement,” is a 2016 commentary in the Washington Post. The Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE), headquartered in New York, received $244,000 from Soros. 

Folks, isn’t it interesting how the dots connect back to the same megalomaniacs that fund projects to destroy freedom, borders, justice and increase crime. It’s imperative to understand the past to understand the present and the future of the transgender movement with its cultist members and radical zealots.  

But first let me say the following: I have known many caring and compassionate LGBTQ individuals over my lifespan. And these individuals would never harm a child. Peruse the Gays Against Groomers website.  

Within the transgender movement there are various factions: Deceptive males dressed in female clothing (drag queens) for the purpose of grooming and sexualizing children – child predators, pedophiles, sex offenders; another group that desires the destruction of male and female sexes, the family unit, and traditional values; and the militant mob that wants to usher in a socialist-Marxist society of transhumanism to better control the masses. 

Trans Activists Spew Venom. “A person may be declared “transphobic” by gender identity believers for simply acknowledging that there are two biological sexes. For example, children’s author JK Rowling has been branded a hateful transphobe who wishes for trans women to die after she pointed out on Twitter that “people who menstruate” are women.”  

The Libs of TikTok Twitter continue to expose the radical transgender cult movement. June of 2022: ‘Libs of TikTok’ locked out by Twitter over posts about kids at drag shows. 

April of 2022: Leftist Activists Hate Libs Of TikTok Because It Unmasks Them With Their Own Words.

There are other groups as well and they deny science and the biology of two sexes – male and female:  

There are individuals struggling with a gender dysphoria diagnosis that are not activists nor child predators. Some within this group opt for ‘sex reassignment’ surgery. And there are other individuals that promote innate gender identity. And there is a group that rejects gender dysphoria as a mental disorder.  

There are members of the LBGTQ community which also includes heterosexuals that are strong activists in favor of transgenderism, but are in no way violent nor are they child predators – within this group some individuals are interested in civil rights and some support puberty blockers and surgeries.  

In addition, there are adult drag queens (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual males) that only entertain adults in adult places. And they aren’t child predators, pedophiles, or sex offenders.  

Many parents with children that identify as transgender are either woke, clueless, or misinformed about kids transitioning to the opposite sex. Parents are confused and when they turn to the medical community and the mental health community, many are fed the trans movement rhetoric. Some medical professionals believe the trans fallacy while others are in it for the money. And some parents are being bullied by the radical LGBTQ community which can include teachers, school counselors, school staff, and school board members.  

Yes, we want all students to be safe and feel safe at school, but that does not mean educators should be allowed or supported for pushing nonscientific gender propaganda onto students. Biology is not bigotry.  

“A New York Times columnist has again confirmed that social conservatives were right: educators are pushing LGBT ideology on students,” reports a 2022 article in The Federalist.

In summary, we cannot lump all LGBTQ individuals, heterosexual activists, and drag queens together – that’s not accurate nor fair. Furthermore, violence against any group is criminal and unacceptable.  

However, being called violent haters, transphobic, homophobic, and bigots by the radical LGBTQ mob is not accurate nor fair for those that are defending and protecting kids from indoctrination, grooming, sexualization, puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries. 

History of Gender Ideology

In the third installment of the “Generation Indoctrination Podcast,” host Brandon Showalter explores the disturbing history, the roots of chaos, and why it’s essential to understand the past for proper framing of the present.  

However, Showalter’s guest (aka a mental health therapist in the trans community) is unnamed due to fear of reprisal from transgender activists – which is disturbing to me. She remains anonymous due to the bullies and fearmongers of the gender ideology movement. 

Podcast Episode 3: Inside The ‘Dark History’: The Disturbing, Diabolical Roots Of The Movement. Or listen on YouTube. 

According to the guest, John Money, a psychologist and professor at John Hopkins University, coined the terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender role theory’ in the 1960’s. Money believed “babies were born gender neutral and that environment ultimately determined whether a child becomes male or female. He believed that boys could be raised as girls and vice versa.”  

My viewpoint: Money attributed gender identity to socialization and not biology. He used nonscience jargon to justify his erroneous theory. But, Money performed a horrific experiment on two twins boys – which makes him an abuser in my professional and personal opinion.  

It’s ironic that Money wrote a book in 1999 called, “Unspeakable Monsters” when he is the actual monster. Please note that I have not read Money’s book because I find his life’s work to be repulsive, but I learned about his atrocious, but well-known human experiments in graduate school. 

A 2022 article on the Reduxx website is titled, “John Money: The Pro-Pedophile Pervert Who Invented “Gender.” Journalist Anna Slatz notes, “Like many sexologists, Money believed pedophilia was a harmless sexuality which, when practiced “properly,” led to the child suffering no harm. In fact, Money’s theories on pedophilia were so sympathetic that, to this day, his work is prominently featured on the website of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) – one of the longest-established pederast rights groups.” 

The following quote is featured on the NAMBLA website: (warning: NAMBLA is an alleged haven for perverts, child predators, and pedophiles)  

If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.” –John Money, Professor Emeritus of Medical Psychology, Johns Hopkins University, in an interview in Paidika, Spring, 1991. 

Folks, perusing the NAMBLA website for my column turned and churned my stomach acid – so be aware if you read their rhetoric. Sexual childhood abuse is an afront to humanity.  

In reference to Money and is experiment, a 2004 archived article in the New York Times reports, “After a botched circumcision operation when he was a toddler, David Reimer became the subject of a study that became known as the John/Joan case in the 60’s and 70’s. His mother said she was still angry with the Baltimore doctor who persuaded her and her husband, Ron, to give female hormones to their son and raise him as a daughter.” 

Slatz’s article gives the details of Money’s experiment. Sorrowfully, the two twin males are deceased.  


As David Reimer aged, he became increasingly resistant to seeing Money, and begged his parents not to force him to go to Baltimore for check-ups. Despite feminizing hormones and surgery, Reimer identified as a male and refused to believe he was a girl though he had never been told he was born a boy — a catastrophic rebuttal of Money’s theories on gender. 

Both Reimer and his brother would take their own lives, with Brian committing suicide via drug overdose in 2002 after a life-long battle with schizophrenia, and David shooting himself in the head in 2004 at the age of 38. Their parents stated that they attributed their son’s deaths to the trauma imparted upon them from Money’s methods. 

Money’s unethical and callous experiment was a complete failure, but being a narcissist megalomaniac, he declared it a success. Moreover, Money established a gender identity clinic at Johns Hopkins in 1965. He died in 2006 at 86 years of age. That’s 41 more years to spread falsehoods about transgenderism and harm humans. 

Another View on the History of the Transgender Movement 

I found the Trevor Loudon interview to be thought-provoking. 

Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. 

2022 Interview by Man in America at Rise.TV: Who Are the Puppet Masters Behind the Trans Agenda? Watch on

The big question is: who’s behind the trans agenda, and what is their end game?  

Loudan asserts it’s “a consciously driven social program driven by the left to basically break down the structure of the American family. It’s that simple.” The church, the family, and the civil government are God-given institutions and are “under attack” by a “Marxist movement.” These activists want to “pave a way for chaos and revolution.” 

“Every major gay group in the country is run by Marxists,” Loudan stated. He listed names and gave further details during the interview. “And the whole movement is driven by Marxists.” 

Why? Because the traditional nuclear family has to be destroyed for a Marxist regime takeover. Chaos is a distraction for a revolution. Transgenderism “is designed to weaken and destroy this country” by causing stress to families as children identify as transgender. 

“If you can destroy a person’s identity, they are your slave. If you don’t even know what gender you  are, how much control do you have over your identity. How much do you understand yourself? You are putty in the hands of the revolutionaries.” Loudan states.  

The Marxist trans movement “is aimed at the military, society, and degeneration,” he continues. And communism controls the Democratic party, academia, labor unions, Hollywood, and churches. “And it’s only natural that communists would be sexual politics to create a revolutionary situation.” 

Why are the Marxist activists pushing transgenderism on the children? “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world,” said Vladimir Lenin. 

“They are not going to stop until they legalize pedophilia,” asserts Loudan. Why? To destroy the family unit which will make it less difficult for a totalitarian government to gain power and control over the populace.  

Loudon includes: Liberation Road, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and Maoists as pushing both the trans movement and the Marxist movement.  

Liberation Road is based on socialism: “While The Road/El Camino was formed in 1985 as a merger of socialist organizations that came from the movements of the 1960s and 70s, today we are multi-generational, with a majority of our members under age 35 – not yet born when our organization was formed. The Road/El Camino renewed our commitment to both our historical principles and to make a more powerful contribution to the social movements in the United States, with a clear focus on building the resistance to Trump, and challenging the left and the fighters in the social movements to confront the question of a path to power.” 

Freedom Road Socialist Organization: Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a national organization of revolutionaries fighting for socialism in the United States. Our home is in the working class. FRSO members are rooted in the mass movements for justice, particularly in the labor movement and the movements of oppressed nations and nationalities– especially African-Americans and Chicanos. We are also active in the immigrant rights, anti-war, student and youth movements. We are organizing the united front against monopoly capitalism — with the strategic alliance of the multinational working class and oppressed nationality movements at its core. This is our general strategy for revolution in the U.S…. FRSO is recruiting and building towards the creation of a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism.” 

Maoists in China: “Maoism is the ideology of Mao Zedong, the ruler of China from 1949 until his death in 1976….Mao was a communist; he was deeply influenced by a German economist and the progenitor of communism, Karl Marx, as well as the Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who founded the Soviet Union. Maoist ideology is also comparable to that of Joseph Stalin, the totalitarian dictator who ruled the Soviet Union after Lenin.” 

A statement of the situation of the Maoists in the USA. Since February/March this year, the comrades in the United States who struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in their country are facing a complicated internal situation resulting from an attempt to liquidate the Committee to Reconstitute the Communist Party of the USA (CRCPUSA) – the ongoing initiative to unify all the communist in the task of reconstituting the communist Party of the United States under Maoism.” 

Loudan surmises, “I think this country is being run by Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Xi Jinping.”

Science and Gender Ideology 

The reasons behind why people are gay, straight or bisexual have long been a source of controversy. And the debate continues to rage in politics, the church, society – and in both the soft and the hard science communities. 

What Is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Science? 

“Vast Majority of Gender Dysphoric Boys Desist, Long-Term Study Finds,” reports the Frontiers in Psychology journal. A long-term follow-up of male children with gender dysphoria has found that most study participants desisted over time and accepted themselves as boys. The groundbreaking study used the largest sample to date of boys referred to clinics for gender dysphoria. Researchers first assessed the children at approximately age 7, following up with participants when they reached adolescence and again in early adulthood.  

A 2016 report of 128 pages in The New Atlantis journal was co-authored by former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul McHugh and Arizona State University Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics Lawrence Mayer. 

They report that “gender identity” is not separate from biological sex. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.” 

The conclusion of the above study:  

“We have criticized the common assumption that sexual desires, attractions, or longings reveal some innate and fixed feature of our biological or psychological constitution, a fixed sexual identity or orientation,” purport the psychiatrists from Johns Hopkins.  

“The concept of sexual orientation is unusually ambiguous compared to other psychological traits. Typically, it refers to at least one of three things: attractions, behaviors, or identity. Additionally, we have seen that sexual orientation often refers to several other things as well: belonging to a certain community, fantasies (as distinct in some respects from attractions), longings, strivings, felt needs for certain forms of companionship, and so on. It is important, then, that researchers are clear about which of these domains are being studied, and that we keep in mind the researchers’ specified definitions when we interpret their findings,” the study notes. 

What does hard science say about a gay gene or a transgender gene? It denies a gender gene and has not budged from two biological sexes: male and female.  

Of course, many LGBTQ individuals and activists would disagree.  

However a 2017 article in Scientific American surmises “The etiology of homosexuality, biological or otherwise, should have no bearing on gay individuals’ right to equality.” 

I agree with the above statement, even though I stopped reading the woke nonscientific journal long ago. 

An individual can choose to identity as gay or transgender in America – and in no way should they be discriminated against. Furthermore, they don’t have to agree with the religious views of others, but they need to respect freedom of religion and a Christian’s manual for daily living – the Bible. Likewise, a person of faith can disagree with gender ideology, but they need to respect the LGBTQ person’s view. 

Should we follow the hard science? 

Humans are ‘Born This Way.’ Lady Gaga is incorrect in her song lyrics if you adhere to hard science. Her opinion is based on beliefs and emotions, but no science behind it – some would speculate. 

As a former mental health therapist, I had several gay clients (not trans) that sought counseling for childhood trauma or other issues and I treated them with the same respect and empathy that I gave to my straight clients. I did not heap any judgment or condemnation upon these human beings because they are worthy of treatment services. Individuals that identify as gay or trans are deserving of love and liberty as well. 

Moreover, the LBGT community can teach their own children about gender ideology, but they need to leave other children alone. Pushing your own gender ideology on other parents that follow the hard science (no child born in the wrong body) is not acceptable.  

And according to the science cited in this column, no child is born in the wrong body. 

Although my doctorate degree is in the soft sciences — my minors in biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry are in the hard sciences. 

Folks, as usual, do your research and reading, converse with others about the info, use critical thinking skills, and arrive at your own conclusions.  

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