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Op-Ed: Social Justice Is Inherently Unfair

social justice
A protest in Washington D.C. on May 31, 2020. File photo: Johnny Silvercloud, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Social justice is the attempt to provide an equal outcome and thus a just society. Every individual should have the right to equal wealth, health, privilege, and opportunity. Race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, education, mental and physical disabilities, racial and criminal justice are areas where prejudices are often claimed. These areas of political of social injustice have expanded into topics of climate change, voting rights, income gaps, guns, and into others which have not yet been identified.

Social injustices are as infinite as citizen’s complaints about living. “I would have obtained a higher lifestyle if it was not for my shortness, lack of higher education, my obesity, my sex, race, ethnicity, poverty, drug abuse, religion, or criminal behavior.” People experience unfortunate events as disease, people that detest them for no rational reason. Prejudice, jealousy, and envy are some of the negatives of human nature which cannot be prevented by government mandates. Life is full of unexplained and unfair events. 

Communism is constantly seizing on the unfairness of life to sell its utopian dreams.

There have been many communist nations that have attempted to establish utopian societies. Not only did they fail but led to totalitarian governments. These societies created greater socio-economic inequities between the citizens and official elites in power.

Unfairness in a society is inevitable. The Frankfort School of communist intellectuals have employed a strategy of stirring up national dissatisfaction by pointing out differences in economic and social levels. Currently “social injustice” is the catch phrase to pit one group against another to undermine the stability of the nation. 

In order to accomplish this goal of eliminating an established government there has to be a blocking of freedom of speech that would stimulate thinking. Ignorance of the people strengthens the “woke communist propaganda.” Anyone who rebels the woke agenda has to be silenced or made to disappear by cancelling them. Another tool “Gaslighting” is often used to undermine an insightful idea or persons to protect the woke agenda

People born with physical and mental difficulties according to the woke culture should be seen as victims of social injustice. In this woke, communist world everyone should have equal rights to health, wealth, privileges and be equal to anyone else. There cannot be discussions of inspired people making positive choices and becoming successful. Overcoming one’s natural liabilities must be hidden not celebrated. 

The woke communist cultures throughout the world have not been successful in replacing social inequities with social equality. They never will be able to do this as it is not caused by government policies but by the hand that God deals each one of us. Only a powerful, ruthless government can take from the rich and powerful to give to the unfortunate and powerless. This cradle to grave world intervention in housing for the poor, cosmetic surgery for aging elites and the defective, increase the intelligence for the dull, reeducation for racists or criminals, and many more government programs to attempt to equalize differences in all citizens. Government programs cannot help those who will not help themselves.

God has given us freedom of choice. Each person has individual choice in eating, sleeping, exercising, studying, helping others or not. We can steal, lie, kill, destroy property, rape and demean others in many ways but we are taught by our moral values that these behaviors lead self-destruction. We are taught to govern ourselves, not be slaves of the government. Free nations create more citizens that are more self-regulated. 

No totalitarian government or powerful dictator, scientist or other person can or should attempt to play God. All humans have free will. At times in our lives, we are lifted up by helpful others when we stumble, and we help others when they need encouragement, but social justice is inherently unfair. 

The government attempting to create what they consider social justice must take from some citizens and supposedly give to the less fortunate. This process done by bureaucrats is often flawed by human error or worse by purposeful fraud through lie after lie. 

Relying on government to give you success, is just another communist fantasy that has never succeeded. Increasing freedom of choice in the nation places the decisions in the hands of each individual not in the hands of the elites and their bureaucrats who often do not know or care about the individual.

The best formula to increase social justice is in nations that encourage freedom. Their citizens are allowed to make their own decisions. Any illegal or socially harmful behaviors must be appropriately punished to maintain the freedom of its citizens. A just society is based on truth not the fraudulent social justice lies. 

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