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Op-Ed: Jews… Awaken from “Wokeness” Or It Will Kill You

This radical “Woke” ideology, accepted by so many Jews of the Left, places American Jews on the wrong side of racial politics. File photo: No-Mad, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – We’d like to blow the shofar as a clarion call to American Jews who have fallen prey to the ideological “Wokeism” that is sweeping through our nation, destroying the democracy that we have lived with and enjoyed since 1776. Today’s Jews, those living within the borders of our incredible nation, are given and enjoy the most freedom, liberties and equality in education, opportunities and religion than any of our ancestors since our history began. And our “Woke” politics and naivete are endangering the future for us all, no matter our political stripes or our religious strengths. Our outlook, if we continue to take this path, is bleak. It’s time to wake up to the dangers this philosophy presents to us.

This radical “Woke” ideology, accepted by so many Jews of the Left, places American Jews on the wrong side of racial politics. Basic to this philosophy, is that Israel, the Jewish State is somewhat congruent, or akin to the white plantation owners of the pre-Civil War South. Radical blacks who control the Woke Movement, such as the  Black Lives matter (BLM) crowd, view today’s blacks as the brothers of the “oppressed”  Palestinians. Therefore, Israel is a rogue nation and its supporters within our country are linked to them. If you support Israel, you are now considered by them, as evil and racist. Israel and its supporters are the oppressors. The bad guys.

Go to any major university and you will see the close association of Palestinian activists on campus with their equivalent black groups. Students for Justice in Palestine, an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, coordinates violent demonstrations when pro-Israel student groups meet with pro-Israel speakers. It is a rare such meeting that is not broken up or threatened by a combination of black and Muslim groups. Speakers invited to deliver talks at universities have to think twice about their safety before accepting such invitations. Jewish students are warned by administrators not to wear Jewish jewelry or yarmulkes in public. Sadly, many radical Jewish run groups such as J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace and T’ruah are very active on campuses and link together with black and Muslim radical organizations in their anti-Israel (and Jewish) demonstrations. They are part of the Woke college structure.

This Leftist movement began in the 1930’s as part of the Soviets delving into our nation’s mindset to push us away from our long history of democracy, independence and individualism that stressed hard work and distancing from governmental interference and domination. We Jews, immigrants, or descendants of newcomers quickly and efficiently utilized these opportunities to become educated, professionals and independent businessmen. So why are so many of us, well set in life, so willing to give this up for a movement that is based on the false charges of “racism!” through the demeaning of those whites and Jews who have made it and succeeded in life? Why are so many of us willing to let the government control our lives, where we live, how we live, where we go to school, what we learn and most importantly, how we think?

We must question the logic of those of our Jewish people who support the BLM movement so closely aligned with the Jewish radical Left. Many of our religious leaders spoke out in support of the “oppressed” blacks who pillaged and torched cities in the name of George Floyd, while they still remain silent over the ongoing attacks on Jews by those same blacks today. Why? While many Jews joined in the marches supporting Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, where are the blacks trekking in support of Israel or denouncing the likes of Louis Farrakhan or Ilhan Omar? Where is the reciprocity?

Wokeness,” or the belief that there is a group of whites acting as oppressors of people of color is a movement that is dangerous to us all, but more so to Jews. We are the most vulnerable group to hate. We are considered White, therefore “bad.” Although we number about 2% of the population, we absorb 17% of all hate crimes in the nation. This “Wokeness” movement, together with the mindset of those who subscribe to its tenets and ideas are dangerous, especially to Jews. Wake up now! It’s now or never.

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