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Op-Ed: Woke Whiskey Holiday Ad Features Concealed Trans Grandpa & Trans Grandson – Drink to Festive Genderism Indoctrination

Parents have the right and responsibility to stand against indoctrination of kids by the transgender cult movement and LGBTQ bullies.  File photo: Reshetnikov Art, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Cue up the emotional music. An elderly grandfather buys makeup at a store. Before the holiday dinner, the biological male grandfather puts makeup on his biological male grandson. He presents the young male (aka transgender) to the family. Tears, hugs, acceptance and all toast with glasses of whiskey. Cue the ending – a closeup of the bottle of whiskey.  

Watch on YouTube. 

Will the grandfather support puberty blockers and mutilation surgery for the slicing and dicing of his grandson’s genitals?  

Cue the emotional music. The same elderly gray-haired male grabs his wife’s makeup bag; locks the bathroom door; and slathers lipstick on his wrinkled mouth. He goes to the store to by his own makeup. And sneaks into the bathroom again. Next, he puts makeup on his grandson to show acceptance of transgenderism.

Watch video on Twitter. 

“J&B, a whiskey company, recently moved viewers to tears with its holiday commercial centered on accepting transgender people…The Spanish commercial features an older individual using their wife’s lipstick at first before furtively assembling their own makeup kit and hiding in a bathroom to apply their entire face. Although already heartwarming, the Christmas commercial gets sweeter as it goes along as we witness the person become more accepting of themselves.” 

The takeaway: Caked on makeup makes you a female. And now you can accept and love yourself—but before the skin goop you just were not your biological happy self. It’s amazing how makeup gook brings fulfillment.  

Here’s the kicker: If the grandfather had underwent trans mutilation surgery of his genitals when he was an adolescent or young man – then the grandson would not be here today. Or if the grandfather kept his genitals, but dated males only – then the grandson would not have been born.  

Ho-ho-ho. Celebrate the fantasy of a transgender adolescent with alcohol. How edgy. 

Deny reality. Deny biology. Deny anatomy. Deny physiology. No child is born in the wrong body.  

“Transgender rights are human rights…Our work isn’t done until we create a safe and supportive workplace for everyone, free of discrimination, harassment and fear,” declared Secretary Lloyd Austin. 

Well, guess what? 

  • Children’s rights are human rights. 
  • Biological female rights are human rights. 
  • Biological male rights are human rights. 
  • Parents’ rights are human rights. 

And parents have the right and responsibility to stand against indoctrination of kids by the transgender cult movement and LGBTQ bullies.  


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