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Op-Ed: Message for Trans: “Reality Exists” – Citizens Attend School Board Meetings in Animal Costumes

Citizens have found an audience to express views about pushing a trans agenda on children via the educational system. It’s called the local school board or townhall.
Citizens have found an audience to express views about pushing a trans agenda on children via the educational system. It’s called the local school board or townhall.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  There’s nothing like humans donning animal outfits to make their message hit the bull’s eye. It’s a powerful way to bring attention to a serious problem in woke schools districts that allow absurdity to reign.

What trans adults do with other adults behind closed doors or in the company of other consenting adults in reference to transgender culture and lifestyle is their own business. But indoctrinating children in the classroom and school system is the usurping of parental rights. Children need education – not indoctrination.

Parents own the responsibility to raise their children with the science-based facts of two sexes: male and female. And so do educators. There is NO research that supports transgenderism. No child is born in the wrong body. And it’s preposterous that sane and sensible individuals have to defend and pass legislation to protect children from gender-bending zealots.

The cult movement of transgenderism is downright dangerous: physically, sexually, psychologically, and socially. Detransitioners (individuals that return to their biological sex) are finding the courage to speak out with regrets about mutilation surgeries and puberty blockers.

And citizens have found an audience to express views about pushing a trans agenda on children via the educational system. It’s called the local school board or townhall.

Ronne the Rat

So far, my favorite trans species clip is Ronnie the Rat (aka Alex Stein). I hee-haw every time I watch it. Alex Stein 99: Ronnie the Rapp’n Rat goes to City Hall for Transgender Furry Awareness.


Stein is an advocate and activist for the protection of children. Visit Stein on Twitter.

Visit Stein’s website. “Prime Time #99 Alex Stein is a performance artist, comedian, and host of The Conspiracy Castle. He has appeared on Tucker Carlson, Inside Edition, and TMZ just to name a few outlets. Alex is known for his satirical performances mocking the mainstream media at City Council meetings across the world including in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Come and see how this viral sensation is tearing down the establishment with humor in a way no one has ever seen before.”

Mom the Cat

“Mom Wears Cat Costume to Teach School Board a Big Lesson: ‘Reality Exists,’” a recent article on the website of The Patriot Project (as printed from The Western Journal) told the story of “A woman who caused a social media stir with a feline appearance before a school board meeting in Arizona in November took the cause to a national audience Tuesday on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” to make a point about the absurdity of the “transgender” craze sweeping the country at the moment.”

See the Cat Lady as she addressed the school board. She did it, she told Watters, to dramatize a simple message: “Reality exists.”

“I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat … How many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? … How many of you believe that your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one. You are right. Truth prevails over imagination. Reality exists. Discernment is innate and something that we are biologically wired to have. One look at me, and you know this to be true. I am a woman posing as a cat.”

The article continues, “The clash over “transgenderism” isn’t a question of personal proclivities — of what consenting adults do behind closed doors, or who wants to mince around in high heels in front of a full-length mirror. It’s not a question of personal freedom.”

The Mom Cat adds, “It’s a question of whether human beings acknowledge that they live in a world that objectively exists — and in bodies that exist just as objectively. Surgery can change physical appearances — removing or adding appendages — but it doesn’t change the genetic reality of a male or female body any more than high heels, a garter belt, and a flashy red boa draped just so.”

That brings us to the bizarre trans teacher in a high school in Canada. Something is so peculiar about this adult male that only recently started dressing like a female. The size of his prosthetic breasts keeping growing. Is this a child predator with a sick fetish? An off-color way to attract attention? A mental disorder called body dysmorphia or a psychological break with reality? A hoax or experiment? Or something out-of-this-world uncanny?

I can only imagine the frustration of the parents and community members. They have spoken to school administration and the school board, but to no avail.

“School defends ‘gender rights’ of trans teacher with giant prosthetic breasts,” is a headline in the New York Post. “A Canadian school board is “standing behind” a trans teacher who sparked protests after turning up to classes with “clownish” giant prosthetic breasts.”

Don’t expect the corporate lamestream media to report on the pitfalls of gender ideology pushing upon kids. Why?

“The media is colluding with trans activists and Democrats to suppress the dangers to children from embracing trans ideology and radical far-left sexualized education,” notes PJ Media.

The point is that citizens must speak out for the children and against trans propaganda and rhetoric. Learn some of the detailed facts of anatomy, biology, and physiology. Read a book on childhood development. Join together with other parents and community members.

Certain situations may call for a private school or home-schooling for a period of time. Parents may need to seek out a therapist with the correct view of biology and what a female is and what a male is. Seek legal advice when warranted.

It matters not when the hatemongers hurl venom, slurs, and threats to intimidate the adult messengers of truth. It’s time to stop the woke fantasy virus – and time to bring back reality.

Citizens, unite, and speak out for children. No child is born in the wrong body.

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