Michigan “Monster” Kidnaps and Rapes Pregnant Woman for Three Weeks, Threatened to “Rip Her Throat Out” With Sharpened Teeth

Genesee County man
Michael Barajas, 36 – distinct with his numerous facial tattoos and a shocking set of teeth filed down to sharp points – was arrested on December 8 and is currently in jail on a $250,000 bond. 

FLINT, MI – A man in Michigan is accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her hostage for three weeks, during which he subjected her to repeated sexual assaults and threatening to kill her by ripping out her throat with his horrific filed-down teeth if she failed to follow his commands. 

Michael Barajas, 36 – distinct with his numerous facial tattoos and a shocking set of teeth filed down to sharp points – was arrested on December 8 and is currently in jail on a $250,000 bond. 

According to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson at a Wednesday press conference, Barajas is said to have encountered an currently-unnamed, pregnant woman in her early 20s in late November while she was walking down the street. 


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After pulling up beside her in his car and discovering that she had just been thrown out of her house, Barajas offered the victim a shower, food, and a place to stay; unfortunately, once she made the decision to get into his vehicle, the woman’s experience turned into a nightmare, Swanson said. 

Barajas would proceed to take the woman hostage in his home, where she was locked in a room and tied to a bed for three weeks. While there, Barajas raped her numerous times and even invited multiple men over to assault her as well, all while threatening to “rip her throat out” with his sharpened teeth if she didn’t follow his instructions, according to Swanson. 

“This guy used the opportunity to not only sexually assault but have people come over and traffic her as she was tied forcibly to the bed while they assaulted her,” he said. “Barajas threatened that if she didn’t do everything that he told her to do, that he would bite her neck and rip out her throat. This guy is a monster. If you look at the teeth that are filed down and the threats of ripping out a throat, I will say no more.” 

The woman unsuccessfully attempted to escape the dead-bolted room three times, Swanson said, but was finally freed when nurses treating her for a pregnancy-related medical emergency on December 8 realized that she was a kidnapping victim and reported the situation to the police. 

Barajas is charged with human trafficking, kidnapping, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, possession of methamphetamine, and assault. He is scheduled to be in court December 22. 

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