Decomposing Body of Pregnant Woman Discovered in Apartment of Maryland Man Charged with Shooting Gas Station Worker

Maryland Man
According to authorities, Torrey Moore, 31, is accused of fatally shooting Ayalew Wondimu, 61, a worker at a Shell gas station in Silver Spring. Prosecutors added two additional murder charges against him when a search of his residence discovered the rotting corpse of a woman he is suspected of being in a relationship with.

ROCKVILLE, MD – A Maryland man accused of the shooting death of a gas station worker has now been charged with a triple homicide after authorities say they discovered the decomposing body of a pregnant woman in his apartment following his arrest. 

Torrey Moore, 31, is accused of fatally shooting Ayalew Wondimu, 61, a worker at a Shell gas station in Silver Spring on Thursday after entering the establishment at about 3 p.m. and getting into a verbal altercation that quickly turned physical. It was at this point that Moore produced a pistol and shot Wondimu multiple times, according to the Montgomery County States Attorney John McCarthy. 

Police responding to the scene found Wondimu suffering from gunshot wounds; he was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, reports say. 

Police tracked down Moore to an apartment that he lived in across the street from the scene of the crime, at which time he was placed under arrest. Officers then obtained a warrant to search the residence; how they made a grisly discovery: the rotting corpse of a woman who the suspect admitted he had been in a relationship with, who was pregnant at the time of her death, prompting prosecutors to add an additional two murder charges against him. 


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The body of the woman, 26, has been sent to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy; it has been confirmed that the now-deceased baby in her womb had been 38 weeks – nearly 9 months – old at the time of his death. Officials believe the victim – whose name is currently being withheld pending notification of family – had been dead for approximately one month prior to being found by police. 

Moore attended a bond hearing in the Wondimu murder case on Monday and will be undergoing a court-ordered psychological evaluation; it is not yet known when he will appear before a judge on the two additional murder charges. 

He is scheduled to appear in court again on December 19. 

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