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Op-Ed: Woke “American Doll” Pushes Transgender and Puberty Blockers on Young Girls Via Book

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Dolls in The American Girl Place store, in New York City. American Girl Place is a store that sells American Girl dolls. New York City – November 19, 2015. File photo: Dimitra Merziemekidou, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Folks, I am hopping mad. Continue reading and find out why. The American Girl doll brand is facing backlash for suggesting hormone medicine in a 96-page booklet for children.  

More shocking is how the booklet bypasses parents. It also provides a list of resources for organizations the children can turn to “if you don’t have an adult you trust.”  

Incredulous. The person in charge has crossed a line with propaganda aimed at kids – dangerous rhetoric that is not backed by scientific research studies. Pushing puberty blocker propaganda in a child’s book is not free speech – it’s indoctrination and misinformation. And the Mattel company needs to be held accountable.  

An article dated December 6, 2022, in The UK Daily Mail did a bang-up detailed report on this issue. You can find two pages from the book and more information. “American Girl is accused of ‘stripping away all innocence’ in book that teaches children as young as THREE how to change gender by asking doctors for puberty blockers,” proclaims journalist Alex Hammer. 

  • A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, gives advice to girls on how to change their gender by asking doctors for puberty blockers. 
  • A passage in the book advises: “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes.” 
  • The 96-page book – billed as a “guide” – is marketed to girls aged between three and 12. 

The book sells on Amazon: Mel Hammond (Author), Maike Plenzke (Illustrator).  

Body positively and transgenderism are polarities – you cannot have both. No child is born in the wrong body. You cannot tell a child to love, accept and respect their mind, soul, body, and then push or promote transgenderism and puberty blockers to change the body. It’s not logical. But this book does just that. It’s a confusing and dangerous message for girls.   

Parents have since slammed the book’s contents as deceptive and dangerous. That’s not enough. Companies do not make changes unless you hit ‘em in the pocketbook.  

Furthermore, the medical board and child safety organizations in the state of Wisconsin where the doll is manufactured need to investigate. A booklet should not be giving out medical advice to children. I doubt the writer of the booklet is a pediatrician that specializes in transgender care.  

Sane and sensible parents, grandparents, and adults that believe children should be protected and defended need to contact Mattel with concerns, share info on social media, decide whether to stop buying American Doll items, and whether to organize and boycott the company. 


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