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Op-Ed: “Using Free Speech To Stifle Free Speech” – Memo to Mainstream Media Mob from Capitol Hill Censorship Squad

Former CNN reporter Maria Ressa, in a conversation with host Stephen Colbert, stated, “That’s what social media has done.” She added. “It has come in and used free speech to stifle free speech, right?” 

PORTSMOUTH, OH – With the Twitter truths being made known to the world by owner and CEO Elon Musk, the Capitol Hill cockroaches are scurrying around like….well, like cockroaches. Bad-to-the-bone bugs caught in a trap by a freedom-loving techy genius. Listen…can you hear Boss Obama barking orders to Baal and the demoniacs? The Deep State is in a state of panic. This is me snickering as I write satire about the radical Democrat rats. 

The mainstream media mafia mob received another memo by the Deep State minions in charge of misinformation, disinformation, and censorship. The deceptive devils raced around in pentagram circles as they tapped and clicked the malicious message to attack the First Amendment once again. 

“Using Free Speech To Stifle Free Speech.” Triple argh. One more buzz phase to be thrown around by the lackey journos.  

How can a sane and sensible person not roll her/his eyes in disbelief at such gaslighting absurdity by the wack-a-doodles governing the USA and the media mafia. How can free speech stifle free speech? And what speechwriter in the White House came up with that zinger?  

Okay, let’s look at some examples: 

“Former CNN Reporter: Social Media is Using Free Speech to Stifle Free Speech,” an article by Rusty Weiss at the Political Insider tells the incredulous story.

Feast your eyes on a tweet by NBC News reporter Ben Collins. He claims that Musk is “suppressing free speech” by revealing censorship info from Twittergate. 

“But a real journalist would be trying to figure out why the American media, the Democrat Party, a presidential campaign, and a major social media platform all worked in concert to steal an election. That’s the crime, Ben. That’s a real ‘insurrection,’ not the overblown riot from 2021,” proclaims Weiss. 

I agree with Weiss. But the liberalized journos are just following the West Wing script – unless they really are brainwashed zombies. Hmmm.  

Another example: 

Former CNN reporter Maria Ressa, in a conversation with host Stephen Colbert, stated, “That’s what social media has done.” She added. “It has come in and used free speech to stifle free speech, right?” 

Listen to her bizarre rambling on Twitter. 

Hold on… 

In 2021, Maria Ressa won the Nobel Peace Prize for “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.” 

Huh? What in Hades in going on? Are we living in a Twilight media zone? Up is down and down is up. Eerie.  

They weren’t lying. They firmly believed it all. Which doesn’t change the facts.” –Andrzej Sapkowski 

But do the one-party reporters actually believe the spin? Journalist are schooled to investigate and dig deeper and deeper and deeper. Are they so enamored with ushering in a socialist system of governoring – they would mislead, manipulate, and lie to citizens?  

American constitutional law protects all kinds of speech, with a few exceptions such as libel, copyright, and incitement to violence.  

Ah. The radical woke bullies pander ‘incitement to violence’ as their slogan against any speech that differs from their ideology. Social media mob radicals have bullied others in their attempts to censor differing voices and squash free speech. They’ve spewed hatred and caused dissent with venomous virtual signaling. Why have others cowered to these bullies? Now is the time to peacefully stand up to these bullies. 

After all, Democrat Bernie Sanders, a mega mouthpiece for socialism, fancied up a pile of crap to look like an elegant cake. And the Biden regime promises to wipeout student loan debt, provide a universal income, and calls on government to be the ‘Big Daddy’ of dollars. Do bullies perceive conservatives as standing in their way to a utopian society? Let’s burst that bubble. Socialism has never worked for any country at any time in history. A free government ride is enslavement. 

“Using Free Speech to Kill Free Speech,” is the title of an article in The Jewish Journal. “If there is one industry in America that must champion open debate and free speech in all of its messiness and glory, it must be the publishing industry.” 

So, pay attention to the new-fangled loco-woko phrase “using free speech to stifle free speech” when watching mainstream media and remind yourself that it’s part of a censorship campaign to silence conservative voices or any voices that disagree.  

Citizens, unite. Get your brave on and speak out with truth and persistence. Get back on Twitter and promote free speech.  

Summon what faith you can in those things you know to be right and true: a person is not defined by her race; biological sex is real; scientific research requires ideologically unencumbered investigation; activists shouldn’t bully libraries; and books should not be banned.” –Abigail Shrier

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