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Op-Ed: How Will the Capital Hill Swap Regime Punish Patriots for Twitter Truths?

Deep State
The swamp commies tried to slice and dice the First Amendment by declaring free expression as hate speech – but only when conservatives speak. File photo: Andrea Izzotti, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  We know the Deep State cabal in D.C. uses tactics of deceptive distraction when they get caught with their grimy hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Crumbling cookies are falling from the sky – raining down on the radical rogues as they scurry and hurry to do damage control. Flip on the light and cockroaches rush for the cracks and crannies.  

In a tweet, Elon Musk reveals that under prior ownership, Twitter “failed trust & safety” of its users and “interfered in elections.”  

“FBI, Big Tech, Big Media: Partners in collusion” – a commentary in the New York Post. 

“The bold release by Elon Musk of Twitter files on how and why employees blocked The Post’s 2020 bombshell on Hunter Biden’s laptop marks a defining moment in modern American history.” 


The swamp commies tried to slice and dice the First Amendment by declaring free expression as hate speech – but only when conservatives speak. They tried to hold social media hostage, and now the agenda to silence patriots is blowing up in their fiendish faces. 

Sweatin’ to the Oldies, no doubt Czar Barack Obama and the minions are sweating bullets and circling the wagons to roll out the next disturbing distraction on the cabal’s list. Hmmm. What will the false flag be?  


  1. Indict President Trump and hope for MAGA violence.  
  2. Create a mock battle somewhere on the planet with a nuclear war ruse. 
  3. Turn off the Internet.
  4. Release another virus with mandated lockdowns and Marshall Law.  
  5. Turn off the power grid.
  6. Report a faux climate crisis and mandate a climate lockdown.
  7. Simulate a bogus alien invasion.  
  8. Bring in Antifa, bomb a designated target in USA, frame and blame Republicans. 

Swamp Politics Distraction List: What the Radical Left Has Already Tried 

1.  Try to start a race war with a bogus Black Lives Matter campaign. Oh, they tried that, but Candace Owens exposed the scheme in a scathing documentary.

2.  Try to start a civil war between Republicans and Democrats by a ranting and raving Joe Biden calling American citizens “a danger to democracy.” Oh, they tried that, but the Midterm Election garnered no violence.

3.  Try to start a civil war by targeting President Donald Trump with a sham FBI and DOJ raid on his Mar-go-Largo home. Oh, they tried that, but no violence by MAGA. 

4. Try to start a race war with Critical Race Theory indoctrination in the public school system. If you question them, they will call you a “racist.” 

Oh, they tried that, but concerned parents showed up at board meetings across America. Accuse parents of being domestic terrorists. Oh, they tried that.  

5.  Try to start a biology war between the sexes with fabricated gender-bending ideology, trans mutilation surgeries for minors, bio males competing against bio females in sports, and groomer drag queens in libraries and schools. Oh, they tried that, but sane and sensible citizens are pushing back.  

6.  Try to start a civil war with an agenda of socialism, communism, and Marxism. Oh, they tried that, and patriots stood up to the poisonous propaganda and elected Donald Trump in 2016, and again in 2020, but Deep State regime stole the Election.

7.  Jump into a foreign war between Russia and Ukraine and try to bankrupt the American economy with military spending. Oh, they’re still trying to do that, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is hot on the money investigation trail.  

8. Try to control and dominate American citizens with a climate crisis hoax along with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization. Oh, they tried that, but the hoaxers are being exposed.

9. Try to destroy the USA with open borders. “The Biden administration-orchestrated “invasion” of at least 3 million illegal immigrants across the open U.S. border from over 150 nations represents an existential threat to the survival of the United States, warned former National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn…” 

10. Weaponize the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice and try to take away guns from citizens. Blame mass shootings on those that believe in the Second Amendment.

11. Ignore the COVID-19 virus origin in the Wuhan lab, the lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask-wearing and violation of the Bill of Rights. Allow Frankenstein Fauci to ride off into the sunset with Big Pharma. 

This list could go on and on… 

“If You Really Wanted to Destroy the U.S., Then…” is a 2022 commentary in Townhall. “Greenlight statue toppling, name changing, boycotting, cancel culturing, ostracizing, and Trotskyizing. Erase the past, control the present, and create a new American person for the future.” 

Larry Jacobs sums up the energy crisis scam in his blog, “Welcome to the twisted world of “Bidenomincs.” Welcome to a world where left is right and right is left. Welcome to a world where up is down and down is up.”  

Call good evil – call evil good. I agree with Jacobs. 

Jacob continues, “Welcome to a world where you can spend trillions of dollars, and it won’t cost you a cent, not a red cent. Welcome to a world where our esteemed president shuts down a perfectly viable pipeline which is supplying us with copious amounts of oil and gas, which has made us energy independent for the first time in some 75 years, creates a critical shortage of same, and then turns arounds and endorses Russia’s plan to build a pipeline to provide oil to our European allies thus enriching our enemy and permitting it to control the energy supply of our European allies.” 

“Every Policy Idea Democrats Come Up With Is Designed To Destroy America,” asserts The Federalist. “What the left is up to today is different. They do not seek to reform the law, but to dynamite the moral foundations beneath it: Law enforcement. Public safety. Legal citizenship. Personal privacy. Parental authority. Property rights. And popular and national sovereignty.” 

Lie, cheat, and steal. Jump into bed with China. Misuse power to usher in a New World Order of global totalitarianism. Commit treason against the greatest free country in the world. 

Folks, take heart because God’s covenant with the USA will prevail. And God will bless America – again. Unite and speak out for truth, freedom, and liberty.  

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