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Op-Ed: Is There An Underground Pedophile Ring of Powerful and Wealthy Elites?

Pedophile Ring
Over the years, there have been plenty of investigations targeting organized underground pedophile rings, both nationally and internationally, consisting of powerful and wealthy elite predators. File photo: Roman Chazov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Spicy rumors, sensational gossip, salacious hearsay for tabloids – is there any substance to circulating narratives about national and international pedophile rings of powerful perverts and pervasive predators in the world of the wealthy and in the circle of elites?  

In this column, I highlight several news stories about child sexual abuse in the various industries. Moreover, this is a monstrous topic to research and write about – but necessary as today’s sexual predators become bolder in pushing their disgusting, deviant, and demonic agendas.   

“American Pedophilia: Prerequisite of A Wealthy Elitist,” is the title of a 2015 article in The Last American Vagabond. “Oftentimes, the claims seem so outrageous as not to merit an investigation–although this is hardly a logical, empirical response to a situation. Yet, this has largely been the response from surface-level, mainstream media-friendly citizens about the overwhelming, interconnected threads of US Intelligence-funded child prostitution and pornography rings that have continued to garner legal, political, and media attention since the 1980’s.” 

A 2007 story on CBS News reported on a global pedophile ring and noted, “The investigation involves agencies from 35 countries and lasted 10 months. Officials did not immediately provide a full breakdown of which countries were involved, but identified Canada, Australia and the United States as British officers’ main partners in the investigation.” 

A 2015 news story on Fox News reported, “Global Pedophile Ring Investigation That Netted 700 Suspects Stemmed in Part From Earlier U.S. Case.” The article also reported, “In the American part of the global pedophile investigation, begun in April 2005, undercover agents infiltrated a private Internet chat room called “Kiddypics & Kiddyvids” that was used worldwide to trade thousands of images of child pornography — including streaming videos of live molestations — in part through peer-to-peer file sharing, according to ICE…The American probe was comprised of investigations in at least 11 states, resulting in the 13 indictments in nine states, the ICE reported in March 2006, when U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced the indictments.” 

Currently, the mainstream media mafia accuses right-wingers of being QAnon conspirators when there’s any mention of an alleged elite pedophile ring: Mother Jones, The GuardianRolling Stone, Washington Post, and The New York Times. 

In the recent report, the NYT’s surmises that only the likes of QAnon, Tucker Carlson, The New York Post, and Fox News are spreading the notion that the Balenciaga fashion brand condones child exploitation. 

Why would any mainstream media outlet bash other media sources for reporting on heinous photos and alleged crimes against children? My brain is baffled – exponentially.  

Folks, sexual child abuse and pedophilia should have nothing to do with what political party a citizen serves. Why a smear campaign by the radical liberals? 

Politicians and Business Moguls 

Jeffery Epstein and ‘Pedophile Island’ comes to mind for most people. Bill Clinton, former U.S. President frequently rode on Epstein’s plane full of underage girls – the “Lolita Express” – and made several visits to Epstein’s private residence known as “Orgy Island.” 

“Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story,” a 2021 book by Julie Brown, journalist for Miami Herald, notes that “For many years, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s penchant for teenage girls was an open secret in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida and Upper East Side, Manhattan.”  

Brown writes, “One of the many mysterious of the Epstein case is how he got away with such flagrant sex crimes at a time when the FBI was cracking down on child exploitation…” 

Are those that ignore pedophilia accusations complicit to crimes? Can persecuting attorneys, judges, and jurors be bought off or blackmailed? What about politicians, police officers, FBI agents? What about millionaires and billionaires? What about leaders and presidents of nations? 

“Two high-profile pedophilia cases have come to light in recent years, the abuses of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State and those of famed British entertainer Jimmy Savile. While both cases certainly garnered their fair share of media attention, their time in the spotlight has ended and we are led to believe that their horrific abuses were the result of a lone pedophile preying on children, while esteemed institutions turned a blind eye to their indiscretions,” according to an article in The Last American Vagabond. 


“Elijah Wood: There’s A Powerful Pedophile Ring Operating In Hollywood,” a 2016 headline in The Daily Wire. Movie star Elijah Wood says there is “a darkness in the underbelly” of Hollywood that involves a ring of pedophiles who “prey” on child actors.” Wood is famous for his role as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

The article continues, “Corey Feldman, who made his name as a child star in such blockbusters as The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys, said publicly that, “The No 1 problem in Hollywood was and is – and always will be – pedophilia.” 

Folks, why would any sensible person doubt that the entertainment industry is a cesspool of pedophilia? 

In 2013, Corey Feldman revealed information about a Hollywood pedophile ring in an appearance on “The View” and he stated, “There are people that were the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working, they’re still out there, and that are some of the richest most powerful people in this business,” Feldman says in the clip. “And they do not want me saying what I am saying right now.” 

In his 2013 memoir, Feldman claimed him and the late Corey Haim were victims of sexual abuse throughout their childhood.  

My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys is a 2020 documentary film directed produced by Corey Feldman. The film showcases allegations that Feldman and fellow actor Corey Haim were sexually abused as children to young adolescents by several men connected to the entertainment industry. 

In 2014, director Amy Berg released An Open Secret, a compelling look into the world of child actors. The documentary featured former child stars who opened up about the types of sexual abuse they encountered throughout their time in Hollywood. 

Fashion Industry 

Fashion brand Balenciaga apologized after an outrageous sexualized advertisement sparked backlash. Balenciaga showed two toddlers holding stuffed bears dressed in S&M bondage gear. 

Breitbart reported on the second ad,“The now-canceled spring 2023 ad, the primary subject of which was French actress Isabelle Huppert, included a book by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans whose paintings often depict children — including castrated children.”

“Fire from the Sun” (Spotlight Series) is the 2018 book identified in the second Balenciaga ad without children.  

Music Industry

People v. Jackson was a 2005 criminal trial held in California. Popstar Michael Jackson was charged, arrested, and tried for child molestation. I watched the trial via television. And let me say that ‘Not Guilty’ does not mean ‘Innocent’ – it means the jury found ‘reasonable doubt.’  

“Music Industry: The Gate To Hell – Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Pedophilia & Abuse In Hollywood,” is headlined in the Australian National Review. 

The 2020 opinion piece described Bieber’s account of a horrific incident he related to a Bible study group. “He was attending a party with many other producers, power agents, and different important figures in the music industry. A young boy had been brought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite…” 

Side Bar: I stopped using the left-leaning Snopes and Wikipedia for factchecking in 2021. And I could find any statements by Bieber denying the commentary. Use your own critical thinking skills on this one.  

“The entertainment industry is run by elite pedophiles who traffic and sacrifice children for their own depraved pleasure, according to Hollywood producer John Paul Rice who says “the most powerful six corporations in the land are all implicated in human trafficking of kids.” 

Olympics and Sports 

Larry Nassar, gymnastics doctor accused of molesting more than 130 former patients including Olympic gold medalists, pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct charges. 

A 2022 article in The Washington Examiner reported, “Larry Nassar denied final sentencing appeal in sexual assault case.” 

“At least 368 gymnasts have alleged some form of sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches, gym owners and other adults working in gymnastics. That’s a rate of one every 20 days. And it’s likely an undercount,” according to a 2016 news report in the Indy Star. 

In a 2019 article, The New York Post reported, “A now-dead Ohio State University sports doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students in what was described as “hazing” — and they claim the college was aware of the “open secret,” according to a new report.” 

Religious Institutions 

Catholic Priests: 

“Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses, an Associated Press investigation has found…And in their time since leaving the church, dozens have committed crimes, including sexual assault and possessing child pornography, the AP’s analysis found,” according to a 2019 report from NBC News.

Abuse Lawsuit website is home to a Catholic priest database that lists individuals facing clergy abuse allegations – for child sex abuse. does not imply guilt for any accused individual on this list.” For example, there were 40 results for the Diocese of Miami, FL. 

Southern Baptist: 

“Two Texas newspapers compiled a database of more than 200 sexual abuse offenders and 700 victims within the Southern Baptist Church despite decades of convention leaders refusing demands to create such a list themselves…More than 220 leaders, including ministers, pastors and Sunday school teachers from the Southern Baptist Convention’s 47,000 churches have been convicted of sex crimes, which included disturbing and heart-wrenching anecdotes of church affiliates raping young children,” according a 2019 report in Newsweek.  

As I went to direct sources while researching online articles and documentary videos for my column, many were deleted and no longer available; therefore, I did not include them. What happened to the original sources?  

As a former therapist, I’ve provided counseling services for myriad adult women who were victims/survivors of sexual childhood abuse by fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, brothers, stepbrothers, relatives, neighbors, parent’s friends, church pastors, deacons, youth ministers, coaches, mentors – and not one of my adult clients wanted to confront their abuser. And their secrets are still safe with me.  

The point is that sexual childhood abuse is shrouded in secrecy, and that’s how pedophiles, child molesters, child rapists, sadists, and sex offenders operate – human predators stalking what they perceive to be the prey. And sexual abuse is about power and the perpetrator’s desire for dominance and control.  

“Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders,” a 2004 book by Anna Salter, Ph.D. “I have not found it all that easy to sit in rooms listening to sex offenders talk about child molestation, rape, and even torture – especially torture.” 

“Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed,” a 2016 article in The Last American Vagabond  “Recent revelations regarding pedophile rings run by and for the rich and powerful show that these are not isolated incidents and part of a systemic, global problem targeting defenseless children…Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem.” 

“California returned thousands of pedophiles to streets after less than a year in jail, ‘shocking’ report finds,” according to a recent story on Fox News. 

“Thousands of convicted pedophiles in California have been released back onto the streets after spending just months behind bars, a new report found.”  

And guess who is being blamed? Deceitful Democratic Gov. of CA – Gavin Newsom. He has endorsed policies for shortened sentences and early release for convicted criminals.  

The website for the U.S. Department of Justice lists pedophile convictions. 

The National Sex Offender Public Website, coordinated by the Department of Justice, enables everyone to search the latest information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes for the identity and location of known sex offenders. 

The Franklin Cover-Up Case: 

In 1988, the Franklin investigators found a national and international organized crime syndicate, engaged in pedophilia, pornography, satanism, drugs, and money-laundering protected by federal authorities. 

Watch the Franklin Cover-Up Case, Comments by Former F.B.I. Agent, Ted Gunderson, 2001 on YouTube. 

“The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska Mass Market,” first published in 1996 and reprinted in 2011, is a book by John W. DeCamp. “Using documentation never before made public, DeCamp lays bare not only the crimes, but the cover-up – a textbook case of how dangerous the corruption of institutions of government, and the press, can be. In its sweep and in what it portends for the nation, the Franklin cover-up followed the ugly precedent of the Warren Commission.” 

After reading and reflecting on the provided information, is it apparent to you that various fields reflect a history of ignored pedophilia? Don’t ask – Don’t tell.  

But, do I believe there are organized underground pedophile rings, both nationally and internationally, consisting of powerful and wealthy elite predators? To ask the question is to answer it. 

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