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Op-Ed: Balenciaga, What About Borremans’ Book of Child Horrors in Your Other Ad?

“Fire from the Sun” (Spotlight Series) is the 2018 book by Borremans identified in the second Balenciaga ad without children.  

PORTSMOUTH, OH – In my first opinion piece about the sexualization of children in a Balenciaga ad, I mentioned several books by Belgian Michael Borremans with the most horrendous artwork (it’s not artwork by the standards of a sane and sensible person) I’ve ever viewed involving children. Look up his books on Amazon and look at the pictures provided or Google his name.  

“Fire from the Sun” (Spotlight Series) is the 2018 book by Borremans identified in the second Balenciaga ad without children.  

The Federalist wants to know how the book came to be in the ad as well. “Another image in that campaign is of a woman posing in a Manhattan office with a stack of books behind her. One of those books is by Belgian painter Michael Borremans, whose work frequently features children and has included images of toddlers smeared in blood, eating severed limbs. So far, the brand has said nothing about the Borremans book.” 

The Daily Mail expressed concern. “In Balenciaga’s Spring ’23 campaign, a book showcasing the artist Michael Borremans is in the background. Borremans is a Belgian painter whose work includes a 2017 series of images depicting naked toddlers. The series is titled Fire From The Sun and shows young children with blood-soaked skin and some castrated.” 


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The New York Post reported, “Balenciaga has taken a hit yet again over photographs from an axed ad campaign that shows a book featuring a Belgian artist whose work includes depictions of castrated toddlers.” 

Breitbart conveyed, “The now-canceled spring 2023 ad, the primary subject of which was French actress Isabelle Huppert, included a book by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans whose paintings often depict children — including castrated children.”

Newsweek reported on the story as well. “In that pile sat the book Michaël Borremans: As Sweet as It Gets. A Twitter user zoomed in on the artist’s name and shared a link to other works about him, highlighting Michaël Borremans: Fire From the Sun by Michael Bracewell.” 

Borremans, 59, is a Belgian painter and filmmaker, born in Geraardsbergen, and lives in Ghent. 

Photographs of abused, tortured, and castrated children is NOT art – and anyone that disagrees is either a Satanist, a pedophile, or a human with a deranged mind. Even a Woke individual would admit these pics are revolting and the artist (aka sicko) is not someone to invite to your dinner party.  

Worshipping Satan is not a crime. Being evil is not a crime. But, does Borremans and the owner of Balenciaga need to be investigated?  

“There are no connections whatsoever between Balenciaga and Borremans…,” Robin Meason, Balenciaga’s global PR director, told  

Un-huh. Who believes that cover-your-bum story? In the beginning, the Jeffrey Epstein ‘Pedophile Island’ story was poo-pooed.  

And here’s the New York Times (aka New York Slime). “When High Fashion and QAnon Collide” is the headline. “Two new Balenciaga campaigns ignited a firestorm that traveled from the internet to Fox News, fueled by allegations that the brand condoned child exploitation.” 

Unbelievable, but expected from the reprobates at the NYT.  

Back to the Balenciaga ad featuring children: 

A video pointing out alleged demonic imagery racked up 3.1 million views on TikTok.  

There’s a child’s drawing of what looks to be the Devil and a padlock around the stuffed bear’s neck. What’s up with the roll of yellow tape with the brand’s name misspelled – “Baal.” In the Bible, the prophets of Baal worshipped Satan and sacrificed children. Four rolls of tape total. And a child’s chair covered in yellow duct tape. Usually, children are not permitted to scribble all over their bedroom walls. 

My questions: Were the parents or guardians okay with these sickening and sinister ads? Were the parents in the studio? Why haven’t we heard from the parents?  

“Balenciaga BDSM scandal ignites ‘hidden’ child Satan worship conspiracy video,” is what the New York Post titled an article. 

Hmmm. Conspiracy theory or exposure of the occult?  

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