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Op-Ed: Florida Needs to Enforce Public Indecency Laws for Drag Queen Shows That Entertain Kids Public Venues

Drag Queen Christmas
Free speech does not mean cross-dressing males can subject children to lewd and indecent performances and behaviors in public places or business establishments. That’s a smokescreen tactic used by predators.  File photo: VladOrlov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  It’s preposterous. People with common sense and decency have to stand up and defend innocent children from being exposed to gender-bending males dressed like females and performing in public places. It’s outrageous. 

Free speech does not mean cross-dressing males can subject children to lewd and indecent performances and behaviors in public places or business establishments. That’s a smokescreen tactic used by predators.  

“There are laws indicating where “free speech” ends and obscene behavior begins. In Florida, for example, state statutes designate, “Any person who knowingly promotes, conducts, performs, or participates in an obscene show, exhibition, or performance by live persons or a live person before an audience” as guilty of a misdemeanor,” according to a recent article in The Federalist. 

Instruct Police to Enforce Public Indecency Laws: 2022 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI – Crimes, Chapter 847 – Obscenity, 847.011 – Prohibition of Certain Acts in Connection With Obscene, Lewd, etc., Materials; Penalty.

Governor Ron DeSantis and the sensible citizens in the sunshine state are serious about protecting children from being indoctrinated, groomed, and sexualized by drag queens (aka heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual males dressed in seductive and outlandish female costumes with caked on makeup and wacky wigs) jerking and twerking like frenzied fools. 

The Federalist article continues, “Governments can also use appropriate regulatory power to restrict minors’ access to obscene performances in business establishments. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation under Gov. Ron DeSantis has used its authority to file complaints — which could cost establishments their liquor licenses — against places such as the R House Bar in Miami, which drew ire after videos surfaced of a topless drag queen interacting with a toddler.” 

Melbourne City Councilman Tim Thomas asserts, “Allowing young children to be exposed to cross-dressers telling impressionable children stories is an attack on childhood innocence, especially when young children don’t have the mental maturity to understand these intricate concepts nor understand the impact sexualized storytelling can have on them. The Drag Queen Story Hour is symbolic of the breakdown taking place in the moral and social fabric of our culture.” Moreover, Thomas requested the State Legislature pass a bill banning anyone from attending a Drag Queen show, including Drag Queen Story Time, unless they are 18 years of age or older. 

According to a Sept. 13, article at Florida’s VOICE, “When asked about a young girl seen at a drag show with a near-nude drag queen, Democrat State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith said his opinion is “irrelevant.” 

WATCH: Florida Senate Candidate Janelle Perez held a drag queen voters rally and NO ONE showed up as noted by Florida’s Voice. 

Let me address the following: Drag queens (DQs) that entertain adults (no children present) in adult places and spaces should not be affected by legislation. Furthermore, these bills are not about the rights of LGBTQ citizens – whether a DQ is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transsexual is not the issue at all – the issue is the sexual exploitation of children.  

“Drag queen Kitty Demure’s two-minute lecture to woke parents from 2021 has resurfaced on social media where the performer says in no uncertain terms that kids should stay the hell away from their shows. You can raise your child without subjecting them to “gay sexual things.”… You don’t need to trot your kids to these adults-only venues. Demure flat out tells woke parents that they’re hurting the gay community by stopping by with their children to their shows,” according to a 2022 article in Townhall. 

Listen to DeMure on Twitter. 

2022 Drag Queen Entertainment Events in Florida

Children do not need to be entertained by drag queens at holiday events that should be for adults only, as asserted in The Published Reporter. 

In 2022, “A Drag Queen Christmas” comes to Florida. “All ages welcomed.” 

And the citizens spoke out for protection of children. 

On October 8, a Pride Festival took place in Ocala. A Facebook post specifically describing the performances as “kid friendly” was apparently edited after a commenter questioned how a burlesque show could possibly be appropriate for kids. And the citizens spoke out for the protection of children. 

In July, Naples Pride Festival at Cambier Park faced criticism over a drag show.  

In June, Cape Coral funded lewd Pride Parade with scantily clad drag queens, as reported in the Gateway Pundit. One photo shows the nearly nude winner of last season’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Kylie Sonique Love. 

A 2016 article in the Miami News Times asked South Florida’s drag queens about memorable moments: “My special moment is always being able to grab hold and connect with the little babies that come to the Palace. I have lots of pictures of me with the kids. It’s so precious to me, and I’m so excited we’re at a time when parents are allowing their kids to come to a drag show and say, ‘It’s OK…” 

And of course, the liberal mainstream media mob publishes left-winger propaganda instead of balanced reporting. Case in point: The Palm Beach Post’s recent rant on Nov. 28.

Kudos to the following DQ shows in Florida for requiring attenders to be 18 years or older: 

Florida’s Top Ten Queens on Dec. 17 at Lake Park/West Palm Beach. “This show is AGES 18+.” 

Illusions, The Drag Queen Show, St. Petersburg. “You must be at least 18 years of age to attend this event and at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol.” 

Will other DQs in Florida stand up and refuse to entertain in venues where children are invited? Will restaurants, bars, and clubs refuse to allow parents to bring children to DQ brunches? Will parents use their brain and not bring kids to adult DQ entertainment shows?  

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