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Op-Ed: Biden, Pelosi, Schumer: One Down and Two To Go

Nancy Pelosi
Now that Propagandist Pelosi has been pelted by a House takeover, her grizzly gravel has retired. Yippee.   File photo: Kim Wilson,, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Creepy Joe Biden, Fancy Nancy Pelosi, and Cringey Chuck Schumer – the trio of thieves lessens to the duo of doom. “There was three in the bed and the little one said ‘rollover, rollover.’ So, they all rolled over and one fell out.” Sing the nursery rhyme along with me.  

Toodeloo Nancy Poo 

Now that Propagandist Pelosi has been pelted by a House takeover, her grizzly gravel has retired. Yippee.  

Rewind to a September 2022 article at NewsMax. “If there is one politician who deserves to be booed it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. On Saturday night at Central Park in New York City among fellow leftists, Pelosi received her just deserts. As she was making a surprise speech to the crowd at the Global Citizen’s music festival, Pelosi was greeted with heckling and boos.” 

Did Pelosi get the hint from younger liberals that her retirement was just around the corner?  

Bye-Bye Biden 

Christopher Boyle, journalist at The Published Reporter, penned several bang-up articles on the eye-opening investigation into the Biden criminal empire:

What a wonderful Christmas gift – to see Jeering Joe and Hapless Hunter dressed in orange jumpsuits. First Lady Jill can visit their prison palace on weekends.  

Shove Off Schumer 

Senator Schumer loves power as much as a squirrel loves nuts. He’s an embedded Uniparty player on a one-way street to socialism – along as he can keep his gold and silver. Being an old-timer for the Washington swamp Uniparty, Slimy Schumer continues to salute arrogant autocrats  

Biden, Obama, and Bush. 

Uniparty Definition: The term used to describe the globalist establishment’s centralized control over international politics, general public policy, health policy, monetary policy, infrastructure, energy policy, trade, finance and commerce. Awareness of the Uniparty is limited due to its secretive structure and representative agents. Terms such as the “new world order” and the “global ruling elite” have also been used to describe the global Uniparty. 

A 2020 article in National Review declared, “Chuck Schumer is a thug.”  

Moreover, Democrat Schumer is a BFF with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, another Uniparty traitor living in the land of liberty. Chuck the Schmuck and the Mitch the Snitch need to take a slow boat to China. Of course, they’ve be welcomed to stay at Xi jinping’s palace.  

Watch Joe Pinion’s creative opponent ad for U.S. Senate: Chuck Schumer is a Dinosaur.  

Schumer is a dirty dinosaur with a ferocious appetite for more and more and more power. When President Donald Trump returns to drain the swap, Mucky Chucky will become extinct.  

What a day that will be! When Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are booted off the Hill. Let freedom ring!

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