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Op-Ed: Whinerpants Michelle Obama and Idiotpants Stephen Colbert Bash former President Donald Trump Once Again

Former First Lady Michelle Obama joins Stephen Colbert for a wide-ranging conversation that includes
Former First Lady Michelle Obama joined Stephen Colbert for a wide-range of conversation that included the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the possibility of her running in the future. Image credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / CBS / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The lefty liberals will never get over the 2016 presidential win of the century when underdog Donald Trump walloped Hildebeast Hillary Clinton. Case in point: Michelle Obama bashed Trump in a recent interview with the late night host Stephen Colbert. Both whiners strolled down memory lane as they cried in their sourly soup. Can’t the bitter buddies find a hobby or something else to chat about – I guess not.  

“Fearful minds are isolated and their worlds become small and I think too many of us are living in our small worlds and our small minds reinforce with our thoughts that loop in our heads,” Michelle moaned to the haughty host. “When you have leaders who are willing to take advantage of that and lead with fear and prey on that instinct then we fall over in the ditch.” 

Hmmm. Michelle has learned to use the tactic of projection from her horned hubby. Whatever you do is blamed on your opponent.  

And of course, Mrs. Obama is plugging her new book, “The Light We Carry.” Like hissing Hillary, it appears that moody Michelle cannot stay out of the public limelight.   

“Michelle Obama admits losing 2016 election to Donald Trump ‘still hurts’ but rules out any possibility of her running in the future as she reveals she struggles with her fears and admits to hating how she looks in new book,” according to an article in The Daily Mail. 

That’s good news. The former First Lady will not be a 2024 presidential candidate. Yippee. 

The article continues, “She has carried out a round of interviews on both sides of the Atlantic discussing her relationship with Barack, her reaction to Trump, and her ‘self-loathing’ due to insecurities over her appearance.” 

Please note that I won’t be paying my hard-earned money on a book that spews hatred for a former USA president and oozes with self-pity about appearance and body image.  

Michelle can cry in her porcelain cup at the Obamas’ Hawaiian estate or at their $11.75 million waterfront home at Martha’s Vineyard or at their $8.1 million home in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood in Washington D.C.

Oh, she can invite Nancy P., Elizabeth W., and Liz C. over for tea and MAGA-bashing.  

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