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Op-Ed: Pride Festival in Venice, Florida Features Sexualized Dancing and Sex Toys with Children Present

Venice Pride received a special event permit from the city to host a festival at Centennial Park in downtown Venice Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.” Venice Pride’s permit application described the event as providing events and activities for “all ages.” 

PORTSMOUTH, OH –Throughout the nation, parents, politicians, and others are standing up for the protection of children from being indoctrinated, groomed, and sexualized by adult men dressed up as women (labeling themselves as drag queens) in public places.  

Warning: This column contains information that is sickening, beyond disgusting, and repulsive because children were invited and in attendance.  

Venice Pride received a special event permit from the city to host a festival at Centennial Park in downtown Venice Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.” Venice Pride’s permit application described the event as providing events and activities for “all ages.” 

Lydia Nusbaum, journalist for Florida’s Voice“received a slew of videos and pictures showing a dildo ring toss game and attendees sensually dancing with small clothing at the city’s gazebo with kids present.”  


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“I saw a scantily clad drag queen walking through the park visible to families and children. I saw children and families perusing through the aisles of multiple pro LGBTQ booths. One reading ‘pussy power’ and selling T-Shirts that say the same. Another with the dildo ring toss etc.,” a Sarasota County resident told Nusbaum.

See photographs from Venice Pride event at Libs of TikTok. “It started out with freedom to love whomever you wanted. “Love is love.” Then it was more “representation” and half naked kink parades. Now, it’s drag queen story hour in elementary schools, kid drag shows, and dildo ring toss. We’re so far down the slippery slope. Are we finally allowed to call this grooming?” 

Republican Party of Sarasota Acting Chairman Jack Brill wants an investigation. “An outrageous and unacceptable display went on Sunday at the Venice Pride Festival that requires a full investigation. A display of rainbow-colored dildos was for sale at a sidewalk booth with children walking by, while a pair of drag queens in thongs, tutus and spiked heels danced lasciviously in front of the gazebo in Centennial Park,” Brill said on Facebook. 

Nusbaum further adds, “Sarasota County Commissioner Christian Ziegler said he was shocked to see the pictures of dildos and explicit dancing in a public space where children are walking.” 

In a June 14, 2022, NBC Miami interviewed adult biological males dressed as females (drag queens). “It Makes Pride Stronger’: South Florida Drag Queens Respond to Proposed Ban” is the headline of the report. After state representatives expressed their intent to ban minors from attending drag shows, the drag queens spoke out and blamed politicians. 

MIAMI, FLORIDA: “A video of a toddler walking hand-in-hand with a drag queen during an event at a Florida bar has caused huge outrage among social media users. In the 16-second video, a two to a 4-year-old girl could be seen walking along with a big-breasted drag queen during an event at R House Wynwood bar in Miami, Florida. The drag queen who appeared to be transgender could be seen strutting with her nipples covered in pasties while their panties were stuffed with dollar bills.”

June 6, 2022, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini tweeted. “Drag Sex Shows aimed at children have come to Florida. I will be proposing Legislation to charge w/ a Felony & terminate the parental rights of any adult who brings a child to these perverted sex shows aimed at FL kids. When will the sexualization of children stop? “

Citizens and politicians must continue to stand up and protect innocent children from male predators dressing like women and calling themselves drag queens for the purpose of indoctrination, grooming, and sexualization.  

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