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Op-Ed: Paper Ballots Are Needed To Preserve Our Constitutional Republic

Paper Ballots
In many voting districts no photo ID is required, and unsigned and undated mail-in ballots were stuffed into drop boxes to be counted. File photo: Castleski, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Here was another federal election where more than a week has passed without candidates knowing if they won or lost. Citizens are told they must wait to know the results. During this uncertain time, we are supposed to wait silently for the “valid” results. However, the more time and more officials that have access to the electronic machines and ballots means more opportunity for falsifying the results. The head of the elections in Arizona is running for governor and chose not to recuse herself from directing the election process that she supposedly won.

We were told by President Biden and his party that there could be no questioning of the election by anyone. We were supposed to ignore obvious questionable practices. However, this election elicits many questions because there is no finality to the election. Remember the old days, not that many years ago when we had results in hours, not days after the polls closed. Florida did it this year. When you voted in a voting precinct with a photo identification and address, with familiar poll watchers the voter felt more confident their vote would be counted.

In many voting districts no photo ID is required, and unsigned and undated mail-in ballots were stuffed into drop boxes to be counted. Other reported issues of electronically changing vote tallies, ballot harvesting or voting under an alias have become common. There is no longer quality control in this voting farce. 

Our covid epidemic is over. We need to change back to paper ballots, photo IDs, and a voting system that prevents voter fraud. Paper ballots are the gold standard of voting. In many places this did not happen and has undermined our November 8th, 2022, election.

France uses only paper ballots; people vote in person and ballots are counted by hand. There are no mail-in ballots nor electronic voting machines that can be rigged with the stroke of a key or hacked from another computer from anywhere. France is touted with having one of the most accurate voting systems in the world.

The purpose of voting is to give a voice to citizens in the republic to choose the representatives they want to make the governing decisions for them. After considerable investigation a candidate running for office should have their record and character scrutinized. This process is ultimately important for retaining a Constitutional Republic. All conscientious citizens should not demand that voting be made as easy and simple as voting for your favorite singing contestant on a tv show. Voting for a political representative who decides on our laws is much more consequential for the future of the nation than the supposed convenience of the voter.

Without an accurate tally of eligible voters, the election is not an accurate vote by the citizens. It is a charade of an election that places a group of charlatans who cannot be viewed as legitimate representatives. It is a silent coup where politicians have no allegiance to the people only to the politicians’ self-interest. It eventually evolves to where a person steps forward to be the head of an oligarchy, or even become a dictator.

The difference between an open and fair election and a fraudulent one is like night and day. When elections are held honestly, the citizens should be convinced the politicians will represent the people well. If the ruling class used illegal means to win the election and citizens believe it can be duplicated in another election the citizens will lose any belief in the election system. Dishonest elections make a mockery of any representative government.

The use of photo IDs is a means of documenting that the voter is legitimately the same person they say they are. Not showing a valid ID is a recipe for massive fraud. Yet mostly democratic politicians are in unison that using identification is discrimination against the poor and people of color. This is ridiculous since every adult also must use identification to live in our modern world. We use a photo identification if stopped by the police, to buy alcohol or to enter entertainment venues. Every legal person in the US in order to function has to have a photo ID in business transactions and even to rent a hotel room. 

The US must get back to pre-covid epidemic voting to regain the citizens faith in the sanctity of our elections. All citizens, whatever their political preference, should want careful scrutiny of their documentation being a legal citizen before their vote should count.

All Americans should insist every political election is an accurate voice of the people to preserve our constitutional Republic.

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