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Op-Ed: After the Midterms, Pro-Lifers Need a Bold, New Winning Strategy

Election night was a disaster for the pro-life movement. Nationwide, all five amendments that would protect unborn children from abortion failed. File photo: Rebekah Zemansky, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BROOKLYN, NY –  A normal midterm election is when the president’s approval ratings are ok, the economy is good, the stock market is stable, the crime rate is low, the border is secure, and children are getting educated in public schools. 

For the past two years under Joe Biden, the economy is bad, the stock market plummeted, the crime rate soared, the border is wide open, and children are being sexually indoctrinated by transgender fiends.  Some parents are having their kids sexually mutilated and calling it “gender affirming.” 

That didn’t stop pro-abortion Governor Gretchen Whitmer from winning re-election, despite the fact that she was arguably the worst governor in the country during the pandemic. Whitmer outspent challenger Tudor Dixon 28 to 1, thanks to massive funding from big money donors. Challenger Tudor Dixon suffered due to a lack of funding and name recognition. Democrats now have full control over the state. 

Election night was a disaster for the pro-life movement. Nationwide, all five amendments that would protect unborn children from abortion failed. In the states of VermontMichigan and California, it is now legal to murder babies up to birth for any reason. Residents in the state of Vermont decisively voted for Proposal 5, called the “Right to Personal Reproductive Autonomy Amendment” which enshrines baby murder into their state constitution. This is the first state to do so: 

“Of Vermonters, 77.4% voted in favor of the proposed amendment, while only 22.6% voted against, according to Associated Press data with 99% of ballots counted.” 

That’s disturbing enough. But the most shocking election result had to be in Montana – hardly a blue state – when voters rejected Legislative Referendum 131, a referendum on the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. The wording of the Referendum is clear and easy to understand: 

“Providing that infants born alive, including infants born alive after an abortion, are legal persons; requiring health care providers to take necessary actions to preserve the life of a born-alive infant.”  

The measure then states that criminal penalties will be imposed on health care workers who do not act to preserve the lives of such infants, including infants born during an attempted abortion. 

And yet, 231,000 people voted NO to protecting born infants. This is appalling. Abortionists and other health care workers will not face criminal penalties if they do not provide babies with life-saving care.    

There are fetal homicide laws in Montana and most states. When a pregnant woman abandons her newborn and allows her baby to die from exposure, she is charged with murder. I can see how criminal defense attorneys can use this referendum to protect clients who are murderous moms. 

On Twitter, the enraged response against Montana voters was well-deserved. It is a mistake to assume that an anti-life outcome at the polls can be blamed on convoluted wording of the amendment, or that the result is due to insufficient funding. That’s not what caused 231,000 people to vote for infanticide. We are getting a clear picture of what voters in some states think. Some voters think murdering babies by abortion is more important than putting food on the table.    

It is also a mistake to assume that everyone who votes to support baby killing reads the amendments. As a group, Gen Z and millennial voters had a high turnout at the midterms. They are more likely to follow instructions they receive from social media. Younger voters were flooded with ads and pro-abortion articles by TikTok influencers like Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, an OBGYN who uses the social media platform to “educate” people on abortion. Dr. Jennifer Lincoln has influenced millions of followers on TikTok and has a book coming out for “people with vaginas.”    

For another example of Dr. Lincoln’s “education,” check this TikTok video she made in which she is brainwashing a little girl (I’m assuming that is her daughter) holding a model of a vagina and discussing every part of a woman’s sexual anatomy. It is sickening to watch a mother do this. In a normal world, Dr. Lincoln should lose custody of her child as well as her license to practice medicine.   

Many young people are propagandized by a barrage of quick succession, cringe-worthy TikTok videos and snippets of data informing them how to vote. With regards to the pro-life referendums, TikTok made a difference for younger voters. The influencers include groups like Michigan-based organization “Distill Social” which told young people to Vote Yes to Proposition 3. They link to a website with a voter guide and the site claims it was distributed to 50 million people. That’s a lot of potential voters.    

Democracy Labs unveils their strategy on their page, “TikTok activism for abortion rights.” Get out the vote videos like this one are awful. But this is what traditional campaign strategies are up against. Along with big money, social media is another reason Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Democrats won in Michigan. 

Even Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada) sang on a short, silly video and was mocked for it. But she won re-election, shifting the balance of Senate power to the Democrats. It’s time to stop asking why Masto did this and start facing reality. For a large segment of the Democrat voting bloc, TikTok works. If these dumb videos appeal to young voters, America has a bigger problem to solve. 

The national Republican Party is not going to fight for pro-life causes or conservative candidates. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has single-handedly sabotaged the campaigns of conservative Republican challengers running against vulnerable Democrat incumbents. Democrats found a winning strategy with early mail-in voting and continuous days of vote counting. Voting machines curiously broke down in conservative counties. Voter confidence is eroded when snafus always impact one party over another.  

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is supervising the vote count for governor even though she is on the ballot running against Kari Lake. If that is not a conflict of interest, what is? Lake should have sued to force Katie Hobbs to recuse herself from having any oversight of the governor’s race. 

We need to create effective outreach strategies for small donations from individual donors. That strategy worked for Senator John Fetterman (D-PA). Pro-lifers need to focus on local elections, community pro-life activism, and get more involved with social media voter outreach. Conservative parents must focus their attention on local school boards and fight to keep their kids safe.   

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