Newly-Released Bodycam Footage Confirms NBC’s Pulled Report That Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Cops on Night of Attack

NBC News’ Bay Area Investigative Unit spoke with a source familiar with the Pelosi investigation, who personally viewed body camera video recorded by officers responding to the Pelosi’s San Francisco home. Image credit: NBC News / Bigad Shaban / YouTube.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After NBC News abruptly deleted a story on November 4 that conflicted with previous accounts of the attack of Paul Pelosi by a home invader – claiming that it was “published in error” and “failed to meet their journalistic standards” – new bodycam footage from officers who responded to the incident now seem to confirm NBC’s now-pulled report.

Initial reports released by the Department of Justice stated that on the morning of October 28, illegal immigrant David DePape, 42, broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home with zip ties, rope, and tape, with the alleged goal of taking her hostage.

While Nancy Pelosi was not home at the time, DePape found her husband, Paul Pelosi, 82, asleep in an upstairs bedroom, who the DOJ said DePape attacked on the spot with a hammer. Following the assault, Paul Pelosi was hospitalized with blunt force injuries; he underwent skull surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

When police arrived at the Pelosi residence, the DOJ said, officers were forced to enter the front door after repeated knocks were unanswered; it was at that time, they said, that they discovered Pelosi injured.

However, NBC’s November 4 report contrasted the DOJ’s findings, stating that Paul Pelosi showed no signs of any injuries when they arrived at his home. Instead, the Speaker’s uninjured husband, according to an NBC source, had opened the door of his home, greeted officers, and began backing up; it was at this point, the source said, that Pelosi was attacked by DePape with a hammer.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office offered the same account of the police’s interaction with Pelosi, but despite this, NBC pulled their report the same day they issued it, claiming that their source had proven to be “unreliable.”

However, new bodycam footage reportedly contradicts the DOJ’s initial details of the incident, while at the same time confirming both the San Francisco DA and NBC’s previously-pulled report.

The footage, which has not yet been publically released but was viewed by NBC News, is described as depicting police knocking on the residence’s door, with Pelosi then calmly opening it and making no effort to flee the house. He is then said to have backed into the abode, at which time police had a brief conservation with both Pelosi and DePape. It was at this point that DePape carried out his attack on Pelosi, causing officers to intervene and place DePape under arrest.

It is currently unknown why Pelosi failed to show distress or attempt to escape his home when police arrived – again, not appearing concerned that he had an armed intruder inside – nor why the DOJ’s narrative of the incident differs from the San Francisco DA and NBC News.

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