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Op-Ed: Will Somebody Please Make Annoying and Asinine Democratic Strategist James Carville Go Away

James Carville
In his heyday, James Carville had a loyal audience, but his image is out of style with the younger generation. Being over 60 years myself, I can say that he needs to be put out to pasture.  File photo: Al Teich, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Argh. Past or present – I find James Carville to be grating. Think of the fingernails on the chalkboard example. He’s as annoying as gobbling fiery hot food and scorching the top of your mouth. Or having to listen to a customer sing along to a store song. 

In a 2022 Fox News interview, the galling geezer condemned the media for covering “both sides” equally when Republicans are “evil” while Democrats are “just silly.” Hmmm. So, Carville supports censorship in the media. Moreover, the attention-seeking minion attacked the Republican Party. “The problem the Republican Party has is, they got really stupid people that vote in their primaries. And…really stupid people demand to have really stupid leaders,” he said.

Sounds a lot like word-salad expert VP Kamala Harris. Do they compare notes? Nonetheless, Harris does have way nicer hair.  

In his heyday, Carville had a loyal audience, but his image is out of style with the younger generation. Being over 60 years myself, I can say that he needs to be put out to pasture.  

During the 1992 presidential campaign, Carville hung a sign (a now famous quote) on the wall of Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock that read, “The economy, stupid.”  

It appears he favors ‘stupid’ as an adjective for others. 

During the COVID-19 period, Carville cursed out unvaccinated individuals on his podcast, saying anyone without a vaccine was a “piece of s–t” and he wanted to punch them in the face. 

“I wish what they’d do is pass a law to make you immune from liability if you punch some unvaccinated person right in the face, which I’d really like to do,” Carville said. “If you ask me what’s my first reaction to you if you’re not vaccinated, you don’t have any medical reason not to be, you’re a piece of s—, OK? I just want to punch you in the god—-ed face. That’s the way I look at these people,” cranky Carville raged.

The disturbing videos have conveniently disappeared from social media and the internet. (uh-huh) 

Former White House COVID response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx stated she “knew” that COVID-19 vaccines “were not going to protect against infection,” on July 22, 2022, on Fox News. 

Carville owes the unvaxxed an apology.  

However, I did get a fleeting chuckle concerning Carville’s 2021 brief rant on YouTube,  analyzed by another annoying and asinine person in the public arena, Don Lemon from CNN –(since been fired). Only watch the first few seconds and push the stop button when you hear Lemon speak. 

James Carville: ‘Stupid wokeness’ is a national problem for Democrats. “Some of these people need to go to a Woke detox center, or something,” Carville complained. 

I do agree with Carville on his take of the wacky woke community.  

Hold on. 

Carville did proclaim that “Democrats whine too much…quit being a whiny party” in a January 2022 NBC interview.

Well, there’s two things I agree on with Carville – only two.  

Hopefully, the Democrat dinosaur won’t be back in 2024 to give his political two cents.  

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