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Op-Ed: No Violence Before, During, or After Midterm Election by MAGA – Is Team Biden Regime Disappointed?

No polling disruptions or intimidations by wayward Republicans on covert missions. No homegrown terrorists trolling the ballot boxes with criminal intent. Election employees were safe.   File photo: Cavan-Images, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Despite Czar Joe Biden’s ranting during his divisive speeches – no violence from right-wingers. Despite Hildebeast Hillary’s raving about the Paul Pelosi attack and blaming the radical right – no fighting in the streets. Despite the mainstream media mafia spewing accusations – no rumbles across the land.  

No polling disruptions or intimidations by wayward Republicans on covert missions. No homegrown terrorists trolling the ballot boxes with criminal intent. Election employees were safe.  

No white supremacists bearing tire irons. No grannies waving knitting needles. No MAGA hats with guns. 

“We could be six days away from losing our rule of law,” warned historian Michael Beschloss, who pondered on “whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed” in the future.  


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Apparently, Beschloss needs a calming cup of tea, a warm bath, and a cuddly bedtime story.  

No National Guards called in. No Marshall Law activated. Fearmonger Joe’s rhetoric failed to inflame conservative citizens to take up arms. No political violence occurred.  

Nobody threw eggs at reelected Gov. of NY Kathy Hochul. No bricks thrown at Gov. Gavin Newsom in CA. No creepers after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  

However, “U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked on Thursday night by a man wielding a sharp object at a campaign event near Rochester, New York, officials said.”

What happened to the threats against democracy? What happened with the so-called fascists? Is King Barack Obama, the FBI, and the DOJ upset that a civil war did not emerge? I’ll bet that Christopher Wray is crying in his bacon and eggs; George Soros is whining in his oatmeal; and Merrick Garland is moaning in his waffles. Bon Appétit, Lefty liberals. Freedom-loving Americans did not rise to the baiting.  

A bulletin, released by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, US Capitol Police and National Counterterrorism Center, proclaimed that “perceptions of election fraud will likely result in heightened threats of violence.”

The Deep State cabal’s planned election hysterics fizzled out. Argh. It rained on their propaganda parade. No violence at the polls. 

“We have been through this hysteria before. Predictions of right-wing violence are now a standard feature of Democratic rhetoric. In the lead-up to January 6, 2022 (the one-year anniversary of the 2021 Capitol riot), the media, politicians, and the Biden national-security apparatus warned that “domestic violent extremists” were likely to strike again. Washington, D.C., was reportedly on edge in anticipation of the MAGA rebels. As it turned out, January 6, 2022, was notable only for the maudlin theatrics of newly patriotic Democrats, who softly sang “God Bless America” in a candlelight vigil on the Capitol steps, as calm engulfed them,” reports City Journal.  

Let’s enjoy this brief interlude before barking Biden (aka overbearing Obama in the White House basement) takes the stage again to spew more venom on Republican opponents.  

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