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Op-Ed: Red Wave Sweeps in Supermajorities in Legislature Around the Nation

Don’t allow the mainstream media mafia of gloom and doom to steal your celebration of the midterm victories. Feast your eyes upon the supermajority wins. File photo: Carol La Rosa, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – – Serve the liberty bell cookies and patriotic punch – it’s time for a party – a Republican shindig with dancing and prancing. Don’t allow the mainstream media mafia of gloom and doom to steal your celebration of the midterm victories. Feast your eyes upon the supermajority wins.  

A supermajority means a party controls at least two-thirds of the vote.  

Watch Dr. Steve Turley on his YouTube podcast as he gives details on supermajority wins of conservative races. Turley appears jolly and joyous. He states, “Nearly half the country, 23 states throughout the nation, have what’s called a Republican trifectas, which is where Republicans hold the governorship and both chambers of the state legislature. By comparison, Democrats have 14.”

Let’s celebrate the 23 to 14 advantages. Pass the happy hotdogs and cut the conservative cake.  


In Florida, the advantage gives Republicans the power to shut down debate, override rules that govern the lawmaking process, override a governor’s veto and limit the ability of Democrats to influence the debate and to pass legislation, according to The Miami Herald.


Republicans win control of State Supreme Courts in Ohio. Trump-backed J.D. Vance wins US Senate race, noted The Gateway Pundit. 


The GOP won a legislative supermajority for the first time in Montana’s history,” as reported by The Daily Montanan. 

West Virginia 

“The GOP increases supermajorities in West Virginia House, Senate,” according to The Register Herald. 

North Carolina 

“Republicans appear to win NC supermajority but fall one seat short in House,” as reported by The News & Observer. 


Republicans scored a supermajority in the state Senate as noted by the Iowa Capital Dispatch. “Senate Republican Leader Jack Whitver called the state Senate election historic in a GOP gathering on election night.” 

Pass the veggies and dip. Pour more salsa on your cheesy nachos. Gobble a piece of apple pie and ice-cream. Salute the freedom-loving citizens and politicians of the USA. And praise God for blessing America – again.  

More good news according to Dr. Turley: “Red states can ban together to create administrative and legal walls to protect their citizens from the oppressive Woke excesses and abuses coming out of DC…These supermajorities mean that Red states can increasingly set their own political agendas regardless of what DC wants or says.”  

Power to the people. Power to the states. Power to Republicans in our great land of liberty.  

Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.”—Harry Emerson Fosdick 

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