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Op-Ed: Haughty Host of “The View” Woke Whoopi Endorses Drag Queens to Entertain Children

The liberal lady cohost on “The View” gave kudos to her drag queen guests as “entertainers for children.” And she beamed with pride as she said it. Dreadful, disgusting, deplorable.  File photo: Sam Aronov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – I tuned into Ed the sock puppet and he showed a video clip of Whoopi Goldsboro celebrating her birthday with drag queens. It appeared to be an advertisement for her company’s brand of booze.  

Okay, so what’s the problem? Adults having a party with adult males dressed up as females with caked makeup and salacious costumes – no crime being committed. 

We need to remind people that these Queens entertain, and they entertain our kids”

Whoopi Goldberg

The problem is the endorsement of drag queens for the purpose of entertaining children. Why did Whoopi, the wacky woke woman, need to add a comment about the indoctrination of innocent children into gender ideology and transgenderism? Because that’s what depraved minds do. The liberal lady cohost on “The View” gave kudos to her drag queen guests as “entertainers for children.” And she beamed with pride as she said it. Dreadful, disgusting, deplorable.  


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Hasn’t Whoopi viewed the disgusting videos depicting the sexualization of children by adult men in outrageous attire? Apparently, the Hollywood hag doesn’t think men parading around with bums and mammoth fake breasts hanging out is an issue. Does Goldsboro giggle when children stuff dollar bills into the G-strings of grown men?  

Perhaps it’s time to put the naughty nag out to pasture along with other morally bankrupt Hollywood elites. They can all party together on Jeffery Epstein’s island with bottles of Whoopi’s bubbly booze and dance with drag queens. Load up the Lolita Express private jet and fly them away – a one-way ticket.  


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