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Op-Ed: British Empire and USA Imperialism – Is There a “Special Relationship” for a Duo World Order Regime?

British Empire
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“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” –C. S. Lewis 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Did the USA and the British Empire forge a “special relationship” decades ago in order to dominate the world? Are these two global powerhouses behind the Great Reset (aka New World Order) that works to usher in a totalitarian government where the rich reign and the poor serve the wealthy autocrats? Is King Charles and the men of the monarchy oligarchs of the secret society along with the wealthy families, corrupt politicians, and banking bamboozlers of the USA? 

The term “special relationship” was first coined by Winston Churchill in 1946.

“The “rock-solid” relationship between the United States and Great Britain that President Barack Obama described during his March 2012 meetings with British Prime Minister David Cameron was, in part, forged in the fires of World Wars I and II. Despite fervent wishes to remain neutral in both conflicts, the U.S. allied with Great Britain both times.”  

A 2012 article for the BBC notes: “In a few days’ time, David Cameron will be journeying to Washington to visit Barack Obama, and according to a White House Statement, his visit will “highlight the fundamental importance of the US-UK special relationship and the depth of friendship between the American people and the people of the United Kingdom”. Perhaps it will, and I hope it does, but it’s also likely to give rise to at least two challenging questions. Is America’s relationship with Britain as special as it used to be? And is it genuinely more special than with any other country?” 

Is Barack Obama the regime leader of the Deep State cabal (aka an arm of the New World Order) in Washington, D.C.? Is there a faction of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and Federal Reserve, involved in taking down America?  

These are interesting questions and readers must use research, conversations, and critical thinking skills to come to their own conclusions.  

Recently, I read a thought-provoking article, “To Prevent Nuclear War, End the Special Relationship” by Barbara Boyd on the Larouche Pac website.  

Prior, I had not heard anything about a man named Lyndon LaRouche, American political activist. He started out in the far-left but moved to the far-right. From what I gather, LaRouche fought against the global elites and was falsely imprisoned. From 2004 through 2016, LaRouche and LaRouchePAC battled against the London and Wall Street-controlled Bush and Obama Administrations. LaRouche died in 2019. 

So, I researched the LaRouche movement. Even though I take what is written or said in mainstream media mafia publications and outlets (aka Politico, Reuters, Huff Post, Wikipedia, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, Aljazeera, to name a them) with a grain of salt, I still peruse the articles.  

LaRouche was labeled a conspiracy theorist. Of course, that’s the title any person gets when he/she goes against the wealthy global elites (aka treasonous autocrats). 

In a 2012 article, journalist Alex Newman for the New American, penned an article about LaRouche. “LaRouche himself describes Obama as a “British tool” – part of a complex plot that seeks to dominate the world…Of course, LaRouche also criticizes wealthy banking dynasties like the unimaginably powerful Rothschild family, which play a large role in world affairs even if it is mostly hidden from public view. And the money cartel created by wealthy bankers is another one of the issues LaRouche focuses on to draw in followers.” 

Back to Barbara Boyd’s article: “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Assassin, He Will Do His Job if you Let Him.” According to Boyd, “the British instigated prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche, led by Mueller set the stage for the coup against Donald Trump.”  

Excerpts from Boyd’s article:

“The use of political hit men—acting at the behest of the British government and an out of control White House—didn’t start with the recent illegalities conducted against the campaign and transition of Donald Trump. Now, as a reckoning begins to occur for those who sought to take out the President, that reckoning must include the exoneration of Lyndon LaRoche if it is to be true and faithful to the cause of justice and freedom in the United States.” 

“The modern British financial empire realized a long time ago that culture and the battle for the mind are the keys to capturing whole populations. Look anywhere in the United States today and try to find the actual ideas of our founders. Except for Jefferson and his Virginia slaveholders, the ideas of Ben Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and others who prevailed at the Constitutional Convention had absolutely nothing to do with John Locke, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, the Enlightenment, or other bread scholars for the Empire. But our leaders and institutions, particularly following the death of Franklin Roosevelt, have been corrupted by British culture and geopolitical stratagems.” 

“It was the British strategic desire to destroy both Russia and Germany which produced the two World Wars of the twentieth century. Franklin Roosevelt famously told Winston Churchill at the end of the war that America would tolerate the British Empire’s designs no longer, setting forth a plan to end all colonialism and to industrially develop the Third World’s nation states. When Roosevelt, a devout student of Abraham Lincoln, died, a British toady, Harry S. Truman, took over and the British intellectual resurgence and dominance began anew. In Ukraine, we see the same British imperial targets, Russia, and Germany, on the chopping block for destruction. As Donald Trump has repeatedly proposed, the war must end, now, before it destroys ever more human life or human life itself. As significantly, the U.S. population must demand an end to the “special relationship.” Our country must act only in our own strategic interest. Right now, our strategic interest rests in a full re-industrialization and rebuilding of the U.S. economy and a rediscovery of our actual intellectual legacy.” 

Furthermore, King Charles is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) along with myriad power players from the U.S.

Many alternative conservative media outlets are printing stories about the WEF and founder Klaus Schwab – “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it.” Schwab is the author of the books, “The Great Reset” and “The Great Narrative.”

Alex Jones is the author of the book, “The Great Reset: And the War for the World.” “From central bankers, corporate billionaires, and corrupted government officials, global elites have been organizing a historic war on humanity under a trans-humanist, scientific dictatorship. Alex Jones was the first major figure to expose the World Economic Forum’s agenda. He has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to studying The Great Reset, conducting tens of thousands of interviews with top-level scientists, politicians, and military officials in order to reverse engineer their secrets and help awaken humanity.” 

Connecting the world dots is quite interesting. However, be prepared to be called a conspiracy theorist if you believe the USA Deep State cabal fears President Donald Trump and MAGA patriots. If you question the 2022 midterm election you will be called an election denier. Freedom-loving citizens will not bow down to the Deep State cabal, WEF, the United Nations, the World Health Organization – members of the New World Order.   

If you believe the climate crisis hoax initiated by King Charles decades ago and heralded by the Biden bunch is a ploy for citizen control – you will be called a climate denier. 

Moreover, if you believe the United States and Great Britain is in cahoots to reset all countries into a New World Order under a totalitarian (aka socialist, communist, fascist, Marxist) government – the radical Lefty liberals will brand you as a lunatic.  

“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” –C. S. Lewis 

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