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Op-Ed: Bogus Ballot Counting Ploy – Puppet Politicians, Lefty Liberals, Legacy Media Spewing False Narrative to Deny “Red Wave”

Ballot Counting
Several conservative sources are saying the Democrats are slowing and stalling on counting votes because they know Republicans will triumph. File photo: Home For Heroes, Shutter Stock, licensed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The party is not over, but the deceptive Democrats and the mainstream media mafia are howling and hooting victory. The deceivers are frowners and downers about everything conservative. Like naughty kids they are hiding the candy – hoping nobody will notice.  

They knew a “red wave” was coming, so they devised a plan to titrate voting results over hours and days and longer. Those sneaky snakes are clever. Moreover, I also bought into their midterm manipulation and lies. Argh. 

Several conservative sources are saying the Democrats are slowing and stalling on counting votes because they know Republicans will triumph. The corporate media got the memo to slow down the counting of ballots and to vomit a false narrative to the public. It’s the old smoke and mirrors trick.  

Dr. Steve Turley discusses the conservative victories in the midterm and the false narrative of legacy media. He answers questions by his viewers about the election. Turley credits Donald Trump for many of the midterm wins and surmises that Trump brought out the rural voters.

Benny Johnson proclaims that Kari Lake is going to win and become the governor of Arizona. He revealed the difference in “voting and balloting” and also exposed the stalled counting ploy.

Dr. Gina Speaks On How There Actually Was A “Red Wave” Despite The Early Election Results. “It was a great night for the MAGA movement…But Democrats around the country are setting on results…If a red wave is sprinkled out over days and weeks then a red wave never really happened.”  


A key result of the midterm is all eyes on the voting and balloting debacle of Arizona (among other states) and learning how the radical Democrat cheaters cheat. Therefore, the Republicans in power must fix the voting system ASAP with the new power to the House and hopefully the Senate. And studying the voting model of Ron DeSantis in Florida is the place to start. If not, a repeat of the 2020 stolen election may manifest in 2024 with the presidential race.  

Is God using the midterm to expose the corrupt voting agenda in America? Yes. God is shining light on darkness – and the demonic minions are hopping mad.  

Faith. Family. Freedom.  

Citizens, unite. And praise God for the midterm victories.  

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