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Op-Ed: Will Republicans Exclaim Fair or Cry Foul After the Midterm?

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Christians have called upon fasting and prayer for the outcome of a legal election without ballot-bending and fraud.  File photo: Aspects and Angles, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Conservative sources, alternative media outlets, podcasts, and freedom-loving patriots are expressing apprehension and uneasiness concerning the midterm election. Christians have called upon fasting and prayer for the outcome of a legal election without ballot-bending and fraud.  

But if past behavior predicts future behavior, then the radical political mob engage in treason at the polls once again. Desperate men (and women) do desperate things to hold onto perverted power. And the autocrats in the Oval Office have thrown foul ball after foul ball since they pocketed the 2020 election and cheated the people and Donald Trump.  

In a commentary for Townhall, Marl Lewis expresses his concerns: “So, yeah. I’m a little concerned. More than a little. I don’t trust the Democrats’ one-millionth of one-nanometer. They will cheat if they can—holding on to power, by fair or foul methods, is everything to them, and in Marxist theology, cheating is justified behavior if by doing so power can be maintained. And the Republicans haven’t impressed me with a strong defense. Trusting Democrats to be fair, to tell the truth, and to do the right thing is absolutely the height of buffoonery. I hope the Republicans have a better plan than that to secure a fair election.” 

“If counting is suspended Tuesday night, America is in trouble. Everyone remembers the shenanigans of November 2020. Five of the key battleground states stop counting, claiming they will pick it up the next day. In every single state, those states showed the GOP with a lead in many races from President to state assembly. But when the counting did resume (not in the light of day but usually somewhere around 3 am) the race at the top of the ticket had shifted,” purports Kevin McCullough in an opinion piece for the Townhall. 

“The PA Gubernatorial race is the single most important race of the midterms. I’m not exaggerating. Doug Mastriano was one of the only elected officials in the PA state legislature to fight back against the 2020 election fraud in PA, and he was one of the only elected officials in the country to fight back against the lockdowns, the masks, the vax mandates, and so much more,” declares Andrew Torba, founder of gab.

“Last week Biden told the audience that it was unAmerican to question the results of the November midterm elections and that the results can take several days after the election.  He said these things because the theft that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election worked so well that the same game plan was already underway for 2022. Democrats do not want any skepticism or pushback regarding the fraudulent 2022 election results,” asserts Rick Hayes in the Canada Free Press. 

“They wouldn’t do that again, would they? Of course, they would. They know they cheated, and they know we know they cheated.  And they know that cheating worked for them. In the bind they are in now, they know that the only way to hold onto the levers of power is to cheat again. They are thinking, If it worked once, it will work twice… Will any of the institutions that didn’t raise a hand to stop the big steal raise one in the midterms or in the next presidential election?  We could hope, but probably not,” proclaims a commentary at American Thinker. 

Did the Biden regime mettle in the recent election in Brazil to install a New World Order left-wing socialist? If they can steal a presidential election in the USA, then why not in another country?  

“Analysis: U.S. agencies targeted ‘election-deniers’ in Brazil before the election,” is the headline for an article in The World Tribune. “For more than a year and leading up to Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil, top officials from the White House, Defense Department, State Department, and CIA met with and called Brazilian officials to implore them to cut off any efforts by President Jair Bolsonaro to contest the results of the election…Some analysts say there were early signals that the pressure from Team Biden paid off.” 

If the Deep State regime steals the midterm show, what will prevent another stolen election in 2024? Hypocrite Hillary, obsessed with Donald Trump, will sell her sourly soul to Satan to keep Trump out of the White House. Oh, she already did that.  

But wait – there’s some good news and it involves the election integrity movement: 

“The Republican National Committee, other party entities, and dozens of public interest election nonprofit groups built over the last two years a multimillion-dollar election integrity infrastructure that passed laws improving voter ID and other election security measures, defended those laws from legal attacks by Democrats, and sued states and localities that failed to follow the law. They also recruited, educated, trained, and placed tens of thousands of new election observers and other workers throughout the long midterm voting season,” reports The Federalist. 

Republican lawmakers in dozens of states got busy working on election reforms. I feel more hopeful. 


“For example, bans on so-called Zuckbucks, the private takeover of government election offices, were passed and signed into law in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.” 

Aren’t we glad that Karma is now biting Mark Zuckerberg on his billionaire bum. The whiny weasel was kicked out of the political hen house.  

“Meanwhile, the Foundation for Government Accountability worked with states to make policy changes to clean voter rolls, ban ballot trafficking, secure ballot custody, roll back Covid waivers, enact penalties for election lawbreakers, require chains of custody, secure drop boxes, pre-process absentee ballots, improve absentee voter ID, and dozens of other types of reforms.” 

Read the entire article at The Federalist and feel more relief. And appreciation goes to Mollie Hemingway for this report. 

Breath in and breath out. By the way, I’d rather be called an election denier than an election stealer.  

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