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Op-Ed: A Laughing Hyena, Poisonous Snake, and Crooked Crocodile; Kamala, Hillary, and Kathy Gather for Midterm Mayhem

File photo: Ben Von Klemperer, Shutter Stock, licensed.
Vice President Kamala Harris, Governor Kathy Hochul and Secretary Hillary Clinton on stage during election campaign rally at Barnard College in New York. November 3, 2022. File photo: Ben Von Klemperer, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Lefty liberals VP Kamala Harris, Trump-obsessed Hillary Clinton, and Gov. Kathy Hochul got together in New York City to gang up on Republican Lee Zeldin before Election Day. 

LIARS R US – three smiling vipers in NYC. Was Elizabeth Warren too busy to attend?  

Bob McManus penned a few opinion pieces for The New York Post about the trio: 

“Certain to be missing amidst the high-wattage smiles will be a woman who truly has something to say: Tammy Hudson, the mother of Keaira Bennefield — a 30-year-old Buffalo woman executed in front of her three children last month by an abusive husband free to kill because of New York’s cashless bail laws. Hudson blames Hochul for her daughter’s death; it’s a complicated matter, but she has a point. Hochul didn’t approve the bail “reforms” that arguably led to the shocking murder — but she’s done nothing to mitigate their impact, either.”

“I don’t know why [crime is] so important,” Hochul declared at the debate. 

Hochul is choosing the ‘just ignore it’ policy for rampant crime that is ravishing the streets of the Big Apple and beyond.  

“Sisterly solidarity was the order of the day at Barnard College Thursday — with Hillary and Hochul standing shoulder-to-shoulder before a cheering, fully committed array of feminism-centric true believers.”

Watch Video: VP Harris and Hillary Clinton join Kathy Hochul at campaign rally. 

It’s truly a sad day for the Democrats when these three politicians are considered role models for liberal ladies in the USA. Will clueless Kamala and the Hildebeast inspire citizens to sprint to the polls? Will the last-ditch push for female voters work? Let’s hope not. 

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