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Op-Ed: Midterm Mashing – Classy and Sassy Kari Lake is Target of Rude and Crude Media Muckrakers

Kari Lake
Thousands of Trump supporters lined cars outside an event, hoping to be one of the first people inside a Trump Rally in Arizona. Date: Unknown. File photo: Brian James Cramer, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – This is me cringing, sighing, and gasping. Just how low will Lefty liberals go? How low will the messy media machine of madness go? Bring out the limbo bar and the accompanying song – “How low can you go?”  

Rusty Weiss penned a recent article for The Political Insider describing a disturbing conversation on a well-known lamestream media outlet. Watch on rumble. MSNBC Guest Calls Kari Lake A ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ While Host Laughs. 

Attention-seeking, drama dude, Michael Fanone, a former Capitol Police officer, hired as an on-air contributor to CNN, called Kari Lake, GOP Arizona candidate for governor, the profane word for feces on the air. Like entitled adolescents upset with losing (the writing is on the wall), MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace snickered and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) grinned – complicity to bad behavior. What happened to manners?  

Sounds a lot like the dastardly Democrats and beltway bullies pointing the finger at conservative politicians and Fox News journalist Jesse Watters over Paul Pelosi being attached with a hammer by a homeless hippie.    

“What we’re seeing after the Pelosi attack is opportunism, plain and simple. Don’t buy a word of the censorship, disguised though it may be as hand-wringing,” surmises C. Douglas Golden in the Western Journal.

Reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel calling Elon Musk “a piece of sh*t” after Musk responded to Hillary Clinton’s tweet blaming/shaming Trump and MAGA. Reminds me of the time I provided counseling for a group of younger boys identified with anger issues who bullied classmates.   

Yes, I am appalled about an ad that accuses Lake of causing the death of an officer during the Capital 6th incident. And the accuser is the officer’s grief-stricken mother. According to Weiss, the officer died of a stroke the day after the riot and his death was ruled by “natural” causes and not “hastened by an injury.” 

But Lake, a former journalist herself, knows the drill. 

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake of Arizona claimed liberals fear her because she “can’t be bought, bribed or coerced” during a Saturday night Fox News appearance.

“I never wanted to get into politics. I left my career and walked away from my paycheck because I was disgusted with where journalism was going, the propaganda. The people of Arizona recruited me, they asked me to run. I’m a citizen politician,” Lake revealed to host Dan Bongino.  

Lake is primed and ready to respond to the machete mouths of mean media. Arizona is fortunate to have Kari Lake as a resident and candidate.  

Watch: Interview With Arizona’s Frontrunner Kari Lake On Run For Governor; Talks Border Security, Homelessness, China, Top Priorities at The Published Reporter.  

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