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Op-Ed: King of Late Night Woke TV, Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Elon Musk With Naughty Tweet – Lefty Liberals are Hopping Mad

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel did a word-smack on Musk for posting a tweet in response to hypocrite Hillary Clinton’s rant about the recent attack on US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul. File photo: Tinseltown, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  The Lefty liberals are hopping mad over freedom of speech. No doubt, they did not send gifts of congratulation to Elon Musk; no fruit baskets, no fancy box of chocolates; no sparkling champagne.   

“Elon Musk has named himself CEO at Twitter as he reportedly preps major changes at the social media site — including the lifting of lifetime user bans,” reports The New York Post. 

Kimmel did a word-smack on Musk for posting a tweet in response to hypocrite Hillary Clinton’s rant about the recent attack on US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul. Of course, Hillary blamed Donald Trump and MAGA supporters – that’s her main goal in life. 

Hillary tweeted: “The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.” 

Musk responded to Hillary’s ridiculous accusations while linking an article to a saucy story in the Santa Monica Observer about Paul Pelosi. Musk’s tweet has since been deleted – but Hillary’s tweet remains.  

Kimmel, pretending to be outraged on the attack on Paul, replied to Musk directly on Twitter by calling him “a fully-formed piece of [insert naughty word for poo].” Yes, Kimmel is hopping mad that radical liberals have lost control of censorship on the new Tweeter – and so is Hillary. Freedom of speech on social media is being revived and the Lefty losers are stewing in their socialist juices. Someone please pass the salt to the woke warriors of weirdness.  

Read an article on Fox News. Earlier this month, ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel joked about Floridians who have died of COVID-19, snarking, “All those orphaned ferrets, it’s a shame.” 

I like how Stacey Lennox said it in PJ Media: “If an individual is sufficiently woke, the gatekeepers simply ignore their previous transgressions. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel and anchor of The View Joy Behar both dressed in full blackface at some point in the past. The mob will never cancel them as long as they remain reliable left-wing mouthpieces. The minute either expresses a heterodox point of view, the pictures of them in costume will get plastered all over the internet.” 

“Jimmy Kimmel Chose The Wrong Time To Make A Bad Joke At The Emmys,” declares a 2022 article in Forbes. Always wanting to be the center of attention, Kimmel stole the spotlight from an Emmy winner. 

“Sean Hannity Calls Jimmy Kimmel an ‘Ignorant A**hole’ for Attacking Caitlyn Jenner,” proclaims a 2021 article in Breitbart. 

A 2017 opinion piece in The Washington Times declares, “Jimmy Kimmel — an elitist creep who needs to shut up.”

“The Most Revolting Moments from Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘The Man Show.’ Before Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Oscars, he hosted a show where he humped women on camera, made fun of their weight, and joked that Oprah had to do “a little more sock washing.””  

“Is Jimmy Kimmel a Racist, a Bigot or a Low-Life Hollywood Hypocrite?” asks Todd Starnes on his podcast. “Jimmy Kimmel, the king of wokeness and host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” finally issued a so-called apology after reports emerged that he used the N-word several times during 1996 Christmas album along with other troubling revelations that resulted in allegations of racism.” 

Tweeter is now fodder for King Kimmel to use on his rude and crude show to continue his tirades on conservative viewpoints and freedom of speech. Steam is escaping from Kimmel’s ears because his toxic tongue will have competition as others can respond on Tweeter to his ridiculous rants and rages. Can you feel the lava twirling and swirling in Jimmy’s burnt brain?  

Obviously, political Kimmel believes he can mock anyone at any time for anything, but his misplaced self-righteous ego bubbles up when he chooses to degrade Republicans for being Republicans – and he fumes when a conservative dares to call him out on his own bigotry.  

And Kimmel gets pleasure out of embarrassing, humiliating, and shaming others in his public forum. Many of his pranks are abusive comedy. And the fire is fed by his asinine audience. Cancel culture needs to cancel virtue signaling Jimmy Kimmel.  

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