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Op-Ed: Ya Gotta Vote for Lee Zeldin for New York State Governor

Congressman Lee Zeldin, candidate from Republican Party for the Governor on general election speaks to press before ride subway to debates with incumbent Kathy Hochul on October 25, 2022
Congressman Lee Zeldin, candidate from Republican Party for the Governor on general election speaks to press before riding the subway to debate with incumbent Kathy Hochul on October 25, 2022. Photo credit: Lev Radin,, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Let’s set the record straight, right from the start: We wholeheartedly endorse candidate Lee Zeldin, for Governor of our state, the State of New York. Forget about your being a Democrat, Independent or Republican, this guy is the real thing, just what is needed to make New York number one in the nation… once again. He’s got it all. He’s been representing the eastern section of Long Island in Congress since 2015. Before that he was a U.S. army officer serving in Iraq and to this day is still a proud Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve. He’s been loyal to his buddies as a true leader in Congress on veteran affairs. He proposed a bill such as the Veterans’ Adult Day Health Care Act and one to protect veterans’ home-ownership opportunities and was instrumental in the opening of a veteran’s health care clinic on Long Island. Lee sits on two different committees in the House of Representatives and is also one of the two Jewish Republicans in Congress and proudly is the co-chairman of the House Republican Israel caucus. He seems to be everywhere and he’s been through it all and now wants to take over the Albany leadership on November 8th. We support him!

During a recent televised debate, after which his voter approval ratings soared to match his opponent, sitting Governor Kathy Hochul, he asked her why she hadn’t talked to the viewers about locking up people who commit crimes, referencing the disastrous bail “reforms” that has put dangerous repeat offenders back on the streets. She overtly lied, claiming “People were being put in jail,” and then stunned the audience by stating, “I don’t know why that’s so important to you!” Didn’t she know that Zeldin was a target of a failed attempted assassination on July 22nd, while speaking to a group in Rochester? The lunatic, attempted murderer was booked and set free the next day according to state law. And just last week, while Lee and his wife were out campaigning, thugs held a gang shoot-out right in front of Zeldin’s home while his two daughters were doing homework inside. Bullets hammered into his fence. Is she clueless? Hochul also dismissed subway crime as a “sense of fear.” She’s absolutely ignorant, apparently, about what’s on the minds of ordinary, working class, honest New Yorkers who must watch their every step while trying to live worry-free lives. We’re concerned about safety and the economy. To her, an elitist, she has no idea what’s important to us.

As a veteran, having fought against the Taliban and ISIS in the Middle East, and a true born an bred new Yorker, Lee Zeldin is aware of the fears of his fellow citizens. Crime and safety are top priorities for him and he promises that, if elected, and his chances in this heavily Democrat Blue State are getting better each and every day, his first move would be to take an unprecedented step. And his own words: “I have publicly pledged that my first action, on my first day, will be to notify Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that he is going to be fired. I believe there is a crime emergency in New York and as well, I have publicly pledged that if the state legislature isn’t coming to the table, I will declare a crime emergency and suspend cashless bail law.” When asked for reasons why he would fire Bragg, who is actually a publicly-elected official, Zeldin said: “Alvin Bragg has pledged starting on day one with his day one memo to not enforce all different kinds of laws across the board,” he said. “Other laws, he treats as lesser offenses. We need a district attorney who understands that. DA stands for District Attorney, and not DEFENSE ATTORNEY!” We and every other New Yorker understand this.

Let’s look at the total picture. Residents of the state are fleeing like rabbits. It started with former Governor Cuomo’s disastrous handling of the Covid epidemic, with the closing of businesses due to social distancing and masking mandates that crippled the city, shut the schools and made Manhattan look like a deserted metropolis. Besides worries about the corona virus with Cuomo’s mishandling of it, making that disaster a real community killer, many residents left when crime and chaos began to grip the city during the summer riots of two years ago. Remember when the City Council jumped the gun to reduce the NYPD budget by $ 1 billion and thugs walked the streets chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops!” And Mayor DiBlasio painting horrid graffiti to this effect, on the streets of the city? Murders shot up as the economic situation worsened with businesses shutting down. A survey conducted by the Manhattan Institute found that nearly half of high income New York residents, those making $100,000 or more per year, were considering moving away from the city. Crime and economic situations provoked them to plan their exodus. And many did. Look at the dropping real estate prices.

Under Hochul’s rule, voters (those remaining) are now furious. Her policies are making things worse then ever. Her disastrous criminal justice “reforms,” soaring taxes, job killing regulations and a crazy “climate action plan,” that is sure to cause utility bills. layoffs, business foreclosures and more blackouts to shoot up, are further elements adding to the crime issue. This cannot be permitted to continue. We, all of us, must make a decision to change the order of things. We must start with our leader at the top, the one in Albany. We feel that Lee Zeldin is the best bet for us all. He not only has the life-long and executive experience to do the job, but he has the determination and strength to deliver the needed revolution from a likely Democrat controlled legislature that will howl in protest against his moves to protect and defend the state’s citizens. It’ll be tough to win this contest in a state where Democrats well outnumber Republicans. But Zeldin’s careful planning and hard work has him now incredibly even with his adversary, Hochul. This guy impressed many, even the opposition with his uncompromising passion and fierceness in his recent debate with her and in addition, her brushing off crime against her constituents was an eye opener.

We’ll end with our endorsement of Lee Zeldin for Governor and would like to agree with Larry Kudlow’s description of the Congressman. Larry said, simply: “He’s got balls!”

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