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Op-Ed: Will the Culture of Woke Folk Wave the White Flag After the Midterm Election?

Will the Culture of Woke Folk Wave the White Flag After the Midterm Election
Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) Gary Lane interviewed A. J. Rice. Will a Red Tsunami Mid-Term Election End ‘Woke’ Culture? Image credit: CBN News / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  I can’t wait to read A.J. Rice’s 2022 book, “The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.” Don’t you love how the creative title plays off the popular TV series. “The Woking Dead are everywhere. An army of undead ghouls turning millions into mindless, ravenous devourers of all things good and American.” 

Excerpt about Rice’s book: 

In The Woking Dead, Rice reveals it all. This bracing, hilarious, biting, hard-hitting collection takes you deep into the fight to make America great again. Rice, a contributor to many popular publications and the CEO of Publius PR in Washington, DC, seeks to save America from Joe Biden and his woke zombie battalions in government, entertainment, academia, sports, and media. The Woking Dead will wake you up to what’s happening in your culture and help you gird your loins for the crazy years ahead. 

Excerpts from Rice’s book: 


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More than 40 years ago, the Democrats went to the political science lab with a mad plan. Like Victor Frankenstein, they wanted to play God…They would march through America’s institutions and use them to cobble their monster together…They went to work on our churches, shifting them to the left little by little…They captured the big media. They captured big Hollywood. They captured big academia. Lighting would strike. The monster would fully awaken. That was the plan. 

What is the monster in Rice’s book? Socialism. As a former Democrat and bleeding heart, I too, invited the masked socialistic monster to lunch. And when I finally saw the freedom-killing monster behind the mask – I ran. 

“Socialism is a ghastly ideology. It substitutes faith in God and the family for fealty of the state…It corrodes the soul and destroys personal responsibility,” writes Rice. America Gets a Senior Citizen Sugar Daddy is the title of chapter two. Chapter Nine: Joe Biden: Our First Chinese President.  

Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) Gary Lane interviewed A. J. Rice. Will a Red Tsunami Mid-Term Election End ‘Woke’ Culture? Watch the interview on YouTube. 

Rice points out that when the liberals mandated COVID-19 lockdowns, the parents were at home with children and they started reading the textbooks. And what did they find?  

“They found the rewriting of American history. They found the 1619 Project. They found everything from cultural Marxism to Critical Race Theory. And then they found out there’s men competing with their daughters on the volleyball team. And they’re letting Bill and Harry into the women’s locker room.” Rice stated. And the shocked parents starting fighting against woke ideology in schools.

Rice recommends that citizens take back America by attending school board meetings and becoming involved in their cities instead of looking to D.C. for all the answers. Moreover, he verbalized that the Red wave will rollover the Blue during the mid-term.  

Citizens, unite and vote. And may God bless America – again. 

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