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Op-Ed: Is Christianity Today Magazine Bashing Conservatives or Catering to Liberals?

Christianity Today
Nearly 200 evangelical leaders criticized a CT op-ed that criticized Donald Trump. “Christianity Today Becomes a Tool of the Left,” stated James Hirsen, J.D., in a 2019 commentary on his website in response to an article that called for the removal of President Trump from office.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Recently, I decided to peruse a few articles in Christianity Today (CT), an online magazine. I do not possess a paid subscription, so I read what was available. My eyebrows raised higher and higher as a few of the writers/journalists walloped conservative voters and used the mainstream media mafia as sources; clobbered free speech; and promoted the climate crisis hoax. 

The Bashing of Conservative Voters 

I read three articles expanded upon by Daniel Williams, a professor of history at the University of West Georgia, in CT about the upcoming elections and democracy. These were labeled as articles and not commentaries or opinion editorials.  

Daniel Williams asserts, “This election season, love your neighbor by supporting voter results, a free press, and a peaceful transfer of power.” His sources included The Washington Post and The New York Times – need I say more. 

David Henreckson wrote a book review on “The Politics of the Cross: A Christian Alternative to Partisanship” by Daniel Williams. “Here’s the scary thing for Christians who take their faith seriously: In every country I just mentioned, religious conservatives are some of the main supporters of autocratization. In majority-Christian countries, those religious conservatives are Christians. In Brazil, many of them are even evangelicals.” The Times, The Atlantic, and Vox were cited– need I say more. 

The last article written by Andrea Palpant Dilley (selected by Williams) was a cover story printed in 2014. “Evangelical Christians have the theological tools to embrace this vision. We of all people should know that our vision is clouded by sin and self-interest and that our own political causes are sometimes based on mistaken interpretations of God’s truth,” asserts Williams. 

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The Bashing of Freedom of Speech 

The Lesser Kingdom columns by Bonnie Kristian quote The View, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and The National Review – need I say more. 

Kristian thumps Gad. “It’s called Gab, and it’s known as a hotbed of disgusting antisemitism and gross racism. (It’s also historically has a serious pornbot problem.)” And she also penned, “Why Church Shouldn’t Just Be on Facebook.”

It appears Kristian has an issue with free speech. “Against that backdrop, Musk’s constitutional enthusiasm is welcome. But the value of the First Amendment doesn’t mean we should play by its rules in every situation,” asserts Kristian.

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The Bashing of Climate Science 

Is CT advocating for pastors/leaders/Christians to accept and propagandize the climate crisis hoax of the century?  

“If the world is at stake, stewardship of creation must be global. And with an evangelical passion akin to world missions, Ed Brown is preaching ecology to the nations,” writes Jayson Casper. 

Daniel Silliman reports, “The sixth report from the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is alarming—but not surprising…The second, third, fourth, and fifth IPCC assessments found more evidence and growing consensus that human activity is causing climate change and that its impact will hurt a lot of people.” 

“The National Association of Evangelicals unveiled a sweeping report on global climate change, laying out what its authors call the “biblical basis” for environmental activism to help spur fellow evangelicals to address the planetary environmental crisis,” asserts Jack Jenkins.  

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After I wrote this column, I googled to find out what others thought about the articles in the CT publication.  

“The former editor of a prominent evangelical magazine [Christianity Today] who made national headlines for criticizing Donald Trump’s failed character has been accused of sexual harassment during his tenure as editor,” according to a 2022 report in Religion News.

CT published a response to the sexual harassment accusations. “For more than a dozen years, Christianity Today failed to hold two ministry leaders accountable for sexual harassment at its Carol Stream, Illinois, office…In separate, independent reporting, the CT news editor interviewed more than two dozen current and former employees and heard 12 firsthand accounts of sexual harassment.” 

Nearly 200 evangelical leaders criticized a CT op-ed that criticized Donald Trump. “Christianity Today Becomes a Tool of the Left,” stated James Hirsen, J.D., in a 2019 commentary on his website in response to an article that called for the removal of President Trump from office.

Freedom of speech means that journalists/writers can express their views in articles. Freedom of speech means that I can critique articles and agree/disagree. Therefore, I encourage you to use critical thinking skills to come to your own conclusions about Christianity Today.  

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